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Crafts + flowers + Food + Party + Projects / Tuesday, 14 Mar 2017

Paper Quilled Flower Cake

Paper Quilled Flower

I have been absolutely enthralled with Anthropologie’s recent window displays for spring. Do you know that each Anthropologie has its own store artist and display coordinator? For each new window display, the stores are all given a common theme which they can then interpret in a unique way. For this season it was paper quilled flowers, and the results are breathtaking! If you haven’t been to your local Anthropologie, run, don’t walk! You can also look up #anthrowindows on Instagram to see the variety. One of my personal favorites is this pink and orange beauty at the Greensboro, North Carolina Anthropologie. The colors are pure magic and I love the combination of quilling with more traditional paper flower techniques. I don’t know about you, but paper quilling hasn’t really been my cup of tea. Yet, in small doses, it can be lovely!

We used their gorgeous window display as inspiration for this cake topper. We made small paper quilled orange blooms and paired them with some paper kumquat branches. *We’ll be posting a tutorial for the paper kumquat branches soon, but in the meantime, we would suggest using real kumquats! Quilling can be very intricate and complicated but we made simple, delicate flowers to adorn our cake. This cake would be perfect for upcoming spring bridal or baby showers and birthdays!

How-to after the jump!

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flowers + Party / Wednesday, 17 Aug 2016

Flower ice cream sundae

Flower ice cream sundae

My friend Liz of Queen Elizabeth Aprons, grew up in a floral shop. I mean that quite literally. Her parent’s own a local florist (one of my favorites!) and she grew up making arrangements and familiarizing herself with flowers. I turn to her whenever I have a question about flowers. I recently attended a workshop she gave and she showed us some quick and easy arrangements to make with flowers from the grocery store including this flower ice cream sundae idea. I asked if I could share it with you and she said of course, so here it is!

We took the common carnation, just a simple dozen bouquet from the store, cut a few off for each glass and then stuck them in some traditional sundae glasses (you can get them so cheap on Amazon!). I ended up filling the glass with cut up petals and I loved how it turned out. Top it with a cherry and they make a quick and easy floral arrangement for a baby or bridal shower or even a more retro sock hop.

Photo by Anna Killian

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flowers + Life + YouTube / Thursday, 30 Jun 2016

Chasing the Blooms: Iris & Peony fields in Salem, OR


In May Paul and I visited Portland for a week. We fell in love with the “dream of the 90s” city. We loved how walkable it is, the tasty restaurants, the GARDENS! We happened to visit at the exact right time. The peonies were just about to burst, the irises were alive and kicking, and the rhododendrons were beyond beautiful. It was meant to be.

I created a little video of our trip to Schreiner Iris Farms and Adelman peony farms in Salem before I decided to go on some official Flower Adventures, so this one is a bit slower in pace, but at least you can see how gorgeous it is there.

Put it on your calendars: Portland in May! You will not regret it!

A full Portland city guide is coming soon. Stay tuned! And check out the photos below.

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flowers + Life + YouTube / Thursday, 9 Jun 2016

Poppy fields of Utah (with map and video!)


We kicked off our new YouTube channel with the 31 Day Flower Drawing Challenge and starting today we’ll be bringing you new videos every Thursday. Ye haw! For this first one, I wanted to do something a bit more casual, something where it’s just you and me going on adventures. Something where I can just eat a PBJ in front of you and we’re still friends (doesn’t that sound enticing!?). I’m calling these Lars Adventures and for this first one we’re hitting the trails and looking for the mysterious poppy fields of Alpine, Utah.

I’ve heard about these poppy fields for a few years now, but no one had ever been able to tell me how to get there or when it was. We got a more solid lead that the poppies were in fact in bloom and were on their way out so now was our chance. We got some vague directions and headed out. Read on →

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flowers + Projects / Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Mother’s Day flower bouquet corsage

mother's day bouquet corsage mother's day bouquet corsage

In honor of celebrating life—mother’s day, prom, weddings, May Fourth, Cinco-De- Mayo, spring, your grandmother, your great-grandmother, your great-great aunt and your greatest special occasion coming up—we have created a beyond fun little corsage. Only it isn’t just any corsage; it is a teensy little mini bouquet in the form of a corsage. Because really, isn’t everything 100 times cuter in teensy little mini form?

And you can make this cutest corsage yourself, with any flowers from your garden or a nearby neighbor’s garden, by following the instructions below. Treat your mom, your date, or you know what? Treat yourself. Read on →

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