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Costumes + halloween + Projects / Monday, 19 Sep 2016

4 easy Halloween costumes for your baby

diy costume for kidsAs you are well aware by now, I love everything about costumes and I certainly don’t believe in wearing them just for Halloween either (exhibit A). But, social norms say that Halloween is the only appropriate time of the year to really go at it so we are going nuts this year. We teamed up with Ali Hynek who gave birth 6 months ago to the most beautiful and cuddle-worthy triplets of all time, Penelope, Ethan, and Alejandra (Sweet Pea as they are affectionately known on her Instagram feed). We spent two glorious days shooting these sweet peas and I couldn’t have been more in heaven (give me all the cuddles!!!!!). We’ve got three batches of costumes starting with this first one: quick and easy costumes for you baby. And check out 3 flower costumes for baby and 3 celebrity costumes ideas hereRead on →

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Food + halloween / Monday, 2 Nov 2015

Peanut butter pretzel candies


How was your Halloween?! I have a genuine love-hate relationship with Halloween. On the one hand, cute costumes are right up my alley, I adore any opportunity to hang out with old friends and party, and I barely need any excuse to hit the kitchen and bake, but I totally welcome one. The slightly embarrassing flipside of this is that I am a total wuss when it comes to anything scary, spooky or even slightly creepy.


Recipe and photos by contributor Sarah Coates of The Sugar Hit

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halloween + Projects + Style / Thursday, 29 Oct 2015

Last minute couples costumes: Peter Pan


I love dressing up so so much, but I find that I rarely get down to business when it comes to executing them. Maybe it’s because they’re too time consuming? Or I never know if we’re going to make it to a costume party? I don’t know! But this Peter Pan and Shadow costumes are perfect if you’re like us and need a last minute costume idea. And it’s perfect with the release of the new movie!


See below for the tutorials and templates!

Photos by Trisha Zemp  |  Crafting by Ashley Isenhour
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halloween + Party + Projects / Monday, 26 Oct 2015

DIY pumpkin balloon backdrop

pumpkin backdrop

Remember the heart backdrop and shamrock balloon idea we made based on the balloon arch idea? Well, it’s pumpkin time! This DIY pumpkin balloon backdrop is super easy to make and would be perfect for your photobooth backdrop. Just get a few bags of balloons and you’re set! The more the better!
pumpkin-balloon-photobooth Read on →

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Costumes + halloween + Projects + Style / Thursday, 22 Oct 2015

Costumes from Jimmy Fallon


Costumes from Jimmy Fallon

You can never have too much of Jimmy, am I right?! We had a ball brainstorming these costumes from The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon and today we’re finishing up with the last of the them including some of my favorite skits, namely the time when Nicole Kidman revealed that she had had a crush on Jimmy. Have you seen it? It’s painfully awkward and hilarious. I’ve watched it MANY times and probably 5 more times since we started with this costume. Don’t worry, I included it below for those of you looking for a good laugh.  Other costumes include Hashtag the Dancing Panda, and a Thank You Note. I also included this week’s Roots costumes and the characters from the skit, EwJIMMY-FALLONNICOLE-KIDMAN-ON-JIMMY-FALLONJIMMY-FALLON-THANK-YOU-NOTES Read on →

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