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Book Club + Design + Interiors + Projects / Thursday, 8 Jun 2017

DIY floral staircase from Old Home Love

I’m pleased as punch to present two special guests to Lars today. Andy and Candis Meredith, from HGTV’s Old Home Love, recently released their first book of the same title, Old Home Love, and it’s gorgeous! If you’ve seen their show or know anything about them, you know that they love old homes and this book is an ode to it. It’s part love story, DIY, and inspiration. It’s also a special book for so many other reasons (go and find out!) and one of them is because it all took place here in Utah, was photographed by Chaunte Vaughn, who also photographed our upcoming book, and styled by my good friend Meta Coleman, assisted by my own sister, Caitlin Watson Boyes. And a couple of my own pieces of furniture and plants even make a special appearance 🙂 Candis and Andy are here today to share a tutorial NOT featured in the book but I know everyone is wondering about: How did you make that floral staircase featured on the cover?! Aren’t you curious?! Let’s find out! 

Hi Friends! I am so excited to share this project with you. I have been a fan of things with big scale for a long time and I am so happy that we got to showcase these beautiful stairs for our new book. This project has such a huge impact for little effort and I think it adds a PUNCH of happiness and color to our understated white space. What’s great about this idea is that you can use almost any image that you love! Landscapes, old photographs, random patterns, portraits! The sky’s the limit. And don’t be overwhelmed by the idea of doing this–it really is SO easy and took less than an hour!

Old Home Love book

Here we go!

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Design + DIY + Home + House + Interiors / Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Lars’ Favorite wallpapers and a sneak peek of the book!

Best wallpapers

One of our top posts of all-time is our Guide to Where to Buy Wallpapers and I’m so glad because it’s a post I spent a long time creating. It’s meant to be helpful for when you’re selecting your own–personally, I cannot wait for that day! It can be rather hard to come across the good stuff. Wallpaper is one of my favorite design elements for a home and something I dream about nearly every day so when I was making preparations for our book, I focused a lot on selecting the right ones for the feeling we were going for. I thought it would be helpful once again to see where we sourced the wallpapers we chose for the book, so consider this both a #sneakpeek and a #helpfulguide.

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Design + Interiors + Life / Monday, 31 Oct 2016

My new green sofa

the green sofa

I rarely talk about my personal home here on the blog and it’s mostly because I haven’t invested much time or money into making it look awesome and thus, I don’t want to take pictures of it and share it with you. As some of you might remember, Paul and I live in a basement apartment of a house. It’s actually super awesome for being a basement apartment. And it comes with the best land lords of all time, which is why we don’t plan on moving anywhere until we want to buy. It’s a walk-out apartment so it has more light than the typical basement and it’s street facing so it feels like a real home, but because it doesn’t feel super “my own” I don’t spend time on it. BUT, I recently got a new sofa and it’s been life changing. Let me tell you about it.

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collaborations + Design + Interiors + YouTube / Thursday, 25 Aug 2016

She shed craft retreat

This post is made possible by Pier 1. Thanks to the sponsors that allow us to make new and original content.a crafting she shed by The House That Lars Built for Pier 1

As you might know by now, I like to craft 😉 but I rarely get a chance to craft for meditation or relaxation because it’s all for work. It’s because I love you guys so much! There are some crafts that I know I’d love to do as I watch TV or just take a breather so I was pumped when Pier 1 wanted to collaborate on a She Shed. I knew exactly how I’d use one and where to use one. 

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Interiors + Lars Bucket List Trips + Life + travel / Wednesday, 3 Aug 2016

Lars Bucket List Trip: Carl and Karin Larsson’s home in Sundborn, Sweden

carl larsson's house

larsson home

There are certain places in the world that mark your memory and change your vision of the world. Visiting Carl Larsson’s home in Sundborn, Sweden was one of those places. Sadly, when I visited a few years ago, I didn’t take great pictures, and you’re not allowed to take pictures inside. BUT! Lars contributor, Meta Coleman, captured it on a recent trip and documented some lovely details and wrote about her experience. Her story kicks off a new series called Lars Bucket List Trips where every now and again I’ll share places to add to your bucket list. Perhaps they’ll inspire you too. 

As a child I had a large Carl Larsson print in my room. It was of a girl sitting in her bedroom holding a tulip. I felt very connected to that little girl and to the beautiful day to day family life painted by Carl Larsson. Read on →

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