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collaborations + Design + Interiors / Monday, 14 Mar 2016

Studio library makeover

Office makeover before and after

Lars contributor, Meta Coleman, is back for another home renovation and this time we’ve teamed up with Dutch Boy Paints to revamp her studio library. You won’t believe the transformation she made with a single color of paint and the addition of some molding. Plus, we had a fun painting party to boot!before-and-after-studio-library-TEXT

Read the full story after the jump!

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Design + Interiors / Wednesday, 9 Mar 2016

9 favorite floral wallpapers

De Gournay wallpaper Domino bedroom

This bedroom has long been my favorite bedroom inspiration of all time. I remember when I first saw it in the pages of Domino Magazine. It was love at first sight. The colors! The florals! The chevron! (At the time, chevron was new and exciting! But it still works in this space super well). It’s been on every inspiration board I’ve ever created and it remains on my “Dream bedroom” board even now. I have a secret Pinterest board for my Dream House, which I like to go through every so often to remind myself that even though I don’t love the design of my current house, I really do have great taste 😉

From this secret board I’ve been saving a collection my favorite rooms with floral and chinoiserie wallpapers for years. Here they are in no particular order. Read on →

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Design + Interiors / Thursday, 18 Feb 2016

Painted floral village


Did you know there’s a village in Poland that is painted with folk flowers? I’ve spotted snippets of the village over the past few years, but I never explored it until the other day and I was dumbstruck! The village is called Zalipie and it’s located in the South East part of Poland, close to Slovakia.


See more pics and read more about the floral painted town of Zalipie below! 

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Design + Interiors + Projects / Monday, 1 Feb 2016

How to make a gallery wall

How to make a gallery wall
My husband and I are both art collectors.  My husband, Nicholas Coleman, is an artist and pours over deceased painters’ works of art to gain inspiration and technique.  He also really enjoys collecting their work (if he can get his hands on any) as well as his contemporaries.  It has become an important part of his job.  As an artist he is continually striving to become a better artist.  Being inspired is crucial.  Naturally he finds work from various sources (more on that in a later post) and trades with other artists.  Because of this collection I am continually searching for ways to display the art in a personal and meaningful way.  Displaying art in a gallery wall, or as my husband calls it, a salon wall, is a perfect way to showcase the art and have fun with it at the same time.  Gallery wall tutorialgallery-wall-meta
The modern day gallery wall originated from the Paris Salon.  The Salon was the official art exhibit of the Academie des Beaux-Arts in Paris from 1748-1890.  It became well known as the greatest annual art event in the Western world.  The Salon exhibited paintings floor-to-ceiling utilizing every available inch of wall space.  Artists would submit their work hoping to get it into the Salon.  It was alone a huge honor to be chosen to hang in the salon and absolutely crucial for a struggling artist to gain recognition and sell their work.  Placement was everything as well.  Depending on where your painting was would determine who and how many people would see your work.

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Design + Interiors / Wednesday, 13 Jan 2016

5 tips for finding your interior style

Josef Frank wallpapers and sofa

I started The House That Lars Built as a second year graduate student in an interior design program. I was in a residential studio design class and I came up with using a blog for my “clients” (totally fake clients) so that they could see the house I was designing for them in real life. I named the dad Lars and the rest is history.

By that time I had worked for a year in hospitality design for a major hotel chain and I had interned for interior designers Celerie Kemble and Jonathan Adler respectively.
BUT! I did not end up doing interior design, as you clearly know from all the crafts and parties I’ve shown you over the past few years. It doesn’t mean that my heart doesn’t long to have interiors as a focus on the blog. I hadn’t yet found the best way to integrate it into the blog being that we live in a basement apartment rental.

Josef Frank sofa Meta Coleman

Photo by Chaunte Vaughn

Enter, Meta Coleman. Meta was one of my earliest friends moving here to Provo, Utah three years ago. I’ll let her explain our meeting story (it’s cute, you’ll like it :). Meta is an prop stylist and interior designer and she has an impeccable eye. AND! She’s going to be joining the Lars team as an interior design contributor. She’s making all my interior dreams come true starting with her 5 tips for finding your interior style! Welcome to the team, Meta!

trapeez girlJosef Frank sofaPhoto by Chaunte Vaughn

 Hello!  My name is Meta Coleman.  I’m a prop/interior stylist, interior designer, and production designer.  Brittany and I met a couple of years ago when were were both hired on to style Merrilee Liddiard’s book, Playful.  We met at a restaurant for lunch.  Both Brittany and I had our hair pulled up in a crown braid of sorts, and were wearing vintage patterned dresses and clogs.  We became fast friends and the rest is history.  We’ve also had the opportunity to work on a few other jobs since and it’s always a treat.
I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in photography, but shortly after graduating discovered the world of interiors, and props.  I soon realized that I liked to be behind the scenes creating a world with furniture, textiles, props, and whatever else was necessary to show a new perspective and tell a story.  I’ve had the privilege of working for some amazing brands, and be featured in some beautiful publications and blogs.

Josef Frank wallpaper

See Meta’s 5 tips for finding your interior style below! 
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