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Book Club + Life / Tuesday, 19 Sep 2017

The Glass Castle Book Art

The Glass Castle Book Art Readers! How have you enjoyed The Glass Castle? The book is getting a lot of attention with the opening of the movie, but you guys, neither the book NOR the movie disappoint! Jeannette Walls is a masterful writer, draws you in, and makes you experience just what she and her siblings did. Head to the blog to print off this month’s amazing printable with a quote from the book by Kelsey Garrity Riley which we absolutely love! 

Download the free book art printables!

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Design + Life + Party + Projects / Monday, 11 Sep 2017

Disco Ball Ceiling Installation

DIsco ball ceiling hanging

The Disco balls have been trending over the past year and who can complain? With the way it catches the light and the tiny little mirrors, it deserves to have another moment in the sun! The resurgence of the mirrored ball got our wheels turning. We decided we needed to take the traditional disco ball to the next level. This Disco Ball Ceiling Installation is much more elevated than the traditional and will leave everyone gawking at your next shindig. Even if you’re not throwing a party, you can easily use this piece as home decor. And with just a few styling adjustments, this installation can transition from party decor to permanent art piece. A millennial pink color palette brought it all together! Can’t you picture it in a chic little loft apartment with a lush velvet couch? I’m thinking something like this or this. Long live the disco ball!DIsco ball ceiling hanging Read on →

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baby + Life / Friday, 8 Sep 2017

Baby Lars’ French-inspired rattan nursery

French rattan cribFINALLY! All my years of pinning gorgeous children’s bedrooms come in handy! Not that I was particularly antsy, but children’s clothing and bedrooms are just naturally more whimsical and adorable and these are two adjectives that I can get behind 100%. You better believe that I’ll be documenting my nesting journey– I can’t let those 1,701 pins go to waste, now can I?!

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Crafts + Life + Projects / Wednesday, 6 Sep 2017

A Cut Above the Rest: Scissor Guide

Guide to how to use scissorsAfter celebrating Fiskars 50th Anniversary of the orange-handled scissors, we realized just how critical scissors are in our day to day life here at Lars. We use scissors here all the time! And let me tell you, one size does not fit all, folks. Whether you’re a serious crafter, an embroidery enthusiast, or one who prefers printables, there is a pair of scissors out there you didn’t know you needed. The right pair of scissors can make a huge difference depending on the type of project you’re working on. That’s where we come in. I’m pretty sure there is no such thing as a scissor expert, but if there was, give me the certificate right now! We’ve rounded up the best pairs of scissors on the market, explaining their strengths and ideal projects to make with them. Read on →

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downloads + graphic design + Life / Monday, 4 Sep 2017

September 2017 Wallpaper

september 2017 wallpaper

Time for the new September 2017 wallpaper! Have you ever heard that September is the January of fall? With school starting, September is often associated with fresh starts and new beginnings. So even though our blessed summer days are numbered (tear), consider September a jump start to setting new goals and trying new things! Take time to be present and really focus on what you want to accomplish this season. Taking a walk is often the perfect way to clear your head, breathe deeply, and enjoy the quiet. Also, it doesn’t hurt to mix patterns and bring a pup along for the ride! Who’s with me!? I’ve got a good feeling about September.

Remember to download the September wallpaper as a reminder!

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