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DIY + flowers + paper flowers + Projects / Wednesday, 19 Jul 2017

Make your own flower stamens

make your own flower stamens

We make enough paper flowers around here that we figured it was high time we show you how to make your own floral stamens to go with them! For the flower novice, a stamen is the pollen producing part of the flower, located in the center. It may seem like an insignificant part of the flower, but it makes a huge difference in the overall look of the bloom. The addition of stamens to paper flowers brings them to life! You can buy all sorts of different flower stamens, but they are often expensive and only found through small online shops. Not our cup of tea. If you make your own flower stamens you can create unique paper flowers without breaking the bank! Count us in. You probably already have all the supplies you need. So what are you waiting for? Let’s fill the world with beautiful blooms!

Continue for the full tutorial! 

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paper flowers + Projects / Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Flower of the month: parrot tulip

Make a parrot tulip

We’ve decided to make it official and start a Flower of the Month. Why? Because we need paper flowers on the regular! This month we’re going with the oh-so-spring Dutch beauty, parrot tulip. I love tulips, but there’s something about a painterly tulip that can’t be beat. This They certainly stand out in a crowd of tulip beauties.

They’d be gorgeous as gifts, gift toppers, home decor, or for a lovely spring function.

See how to make them below! 
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Crafts + DIY + paper flowers + Projects / Tuesday, 4 Apr 2017

How to Make an Eden Rose

Livia Cetti is the Fairy Godmother of paper flowers. She is one of the original paper flower artists and her work never fails to showcase her expertise. Her new book, The Exquisite Book of Paper Flower Transformations, which is available to purchase TODAY, is no exception! The vibrant colors and bold designs took my breath away. We are lucky enough to share with you one of Livia’s beautiful flower designs, and show you how to make an Eden Rose here on the blog! Hopefully, this will give you a taste of the magic that is her book and encourages you to run and snatch a copy.

These flowers are beautifully realistic and you can make them in a variety of sizes, which makes them perfect for a spring centerpiece for Easter, Mother’s Day, or bridal/baby showers. But honestly, even if you have no intention of making paper flowers, this book is worth the purchase just for the eye candy!

How to make an eden rose

Read on for step-by-step photos for the Eden Rose!

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paper flowers + Projects / Wednesday, 7 Dec 2016

15 holiday paper flower tutorials

Best holiday paper flower tutorials

Have you decorated your home for the holidays? For me it tends to be a bit of a process, adding bits and bobbles here and there until I reach a look that I love… Or the holiday season comes to a close and I’ve run out of time. Oops! Either way, I love making holiday decor that I can tailor to my tastes and customize to my home! With my particular affinity for paper flowers, we decided to scour the web to find the 15 best holiday paper flower tutorials! From crepe paper oranges to poinsettia gift toppers, we’ve collected quite a range!

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giveaway + paper flowers + Party + Projects / Wednesday, 5 Oct 2016

DIY Papier mache flowers & book giveaway


My dear friend, Merrilee Liddiard of Mer Mag (one of the organizers of Midsummer Mingle with me) recently debuted a new series of children’s books that she wrote and illustrated called Fairy Friends. They’re hard book primers teaching kids the basics of counting, opposites, colors, and seasons through gorgeous floral collages intertwined with her whimsical illustrations. I love Merrilee’s look. It’s modern and so imaginative and this may be my favorite thing she’s ever done, which is risky to say because she’d produced a lot of gorgeous work. She teamed up with Meta Coleman to stage a woodland fairy tea party and the results are so enchanting. I visited them right while they were in the middle of paper maching their flowers and I was in awe. These ladies produced magic! Merrilee was kind enough to supply us with the tutorial on how to make the papier mâché oversized flowers AND she’s giving away a set of four signed books. diy-papier-mache-flowers-4

See below on how to make the flowers and how to enter the giveaway!
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