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collaborations + paper flowers + Party + Projects / Monday, 11 Apr 2016

DIY paper flower bells

Paper bluebells

I’ve received a ton of questions about the paper flower bluebells and pink bells that we featured in our bridesmaid party shoot for BHLDN and I’m most happy to show you how I made them. I based the tutorial off of Morgan Levine’s lily of the valley tutorial on Martha Stewart. I love the versatility created with color and shape. They’d be wonderful as centerpieces for a party or even as decoration in your home. I’m going to be making some for my mantle! pink-tutorial-flowers

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Design + paper flowers + Projects / Thursday, 31 Mar 2016

12 best paper flowers: volume 3

12 best paper flowers volume 3

For the last three years I’ve collected my favorite paper flower tutorials from around the web into one location. Here they are for 2016! And we’ll be sharing some of our very own original tutorials as well this spring. Stay tuned!

Check out last year’s Best Paper Flower tutorials and the year before 

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collaborations + paper + paper flowers + Projects / Thursday, 9 Apr 2015

DIY Paper plants

paper plants

I’ve been wanting to create some paper plants for my house for ages now. You see, as much as I try and green thumb my way into cultivating gorgeous indoor plants, they just don’t feel the same way about me and I’m left with a botanical cemetary. It’s tragic really. So, I decided that the best alternative would be to create them myself with plants that don’t rely on constant watering and fertilizer. Enter ASTROBRIGHTS® Papers. They asked me to come up with a project using their gorgeous papers and I knew it was the perfect opportunity to create my paper garden especially with their line of super colorful papers. Wouldn’t it be a fun way to colorize your Mother’s Day gifts?! Just make some paper plants and put them in a gorgeous vessel and you’re set!
DIY Paper Plants with AstrobrightsDIY Paper Plants with AstrobrightsDIY Paper plantsDIY Paper Plants with AstrobrightsDIY Paper Plants with AstrobrightsDIY Paper Plants with AstrobrightsDIY Paper Plants with Astrobrights

You can find more inspiration and ideas to COLORIZE your life at

Photography and art direction by Brittany Jepsen  |  Styling by Jeff Butler of Chuck Butler Supplies

This post was sponsored by ASTROBRIGHTS® Papers. All content and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the sponsors that keep the The House That Lars Built running and colorful!

See below for the full tutorial

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Crafts + DIY + paper flowers + Projects / Monday, 8 Dec 2014

DIY Flower head vase

I’ve been eyeing Oh Joy’s ceramic head vases with envy for a few years now. I have a thing for things with faces on it. You know, completely normal. When I was at the craft store a few months ago I spotted these styrofoam mannequin heads and I thought: boom! Let’s DIY it! It turned out to be super simple and only $8! Wouldn’t this be fun to make as a gift for the holidays? Cheap and fun! 

Photography by Laura Sumrak
Styling and crafting by Brittany Jepsen

 See below for full instructions

Materials: styrofoam head (get one here), x-acto, small sharp knife, glass cup, newspaper (optional), white high gloss spray paint, acrylic paint, paintbrushes

Step 1: I chose to paper mache my head because I didn’t want to see the styrofoam texture. I used newspaper to paper mache it and used a flour mixture for the paste. I used this recipe (and boiled it so it would be smoother)
Step 2: If you don’t want to paper mache, that’s completely fine. Use your white spray paint to coat it a few times. Let it dry completely.
Step 3: Trace around a glass cup to create the right size hole for your vase.
Step 4: Use your x-acto or knife to cut the circle. I found a smaller knife was easier than a large knife. It’s like cutting the top of a pumpkin.
Step 5: Take out the excess of the top of the head. Place the cup in the hole. This will be where you place your flowers or plants so it doesn’t make contact with the styrofoam and mold.
Step 6: Paint on a face with acrylic paint. I used this template for the faces.
Step 6: Arrange your flowers or plants. (I used my paper tulip tutorial for my paper flowers)

Now, gift your vase to a flower loving friend!

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Life + paper flowers + Projects + workshops / Friday, 3 Oct 2014

Vancouver workshops

In August Paul and I took a trip to beautiful Vancouver, Canada. I had the pleasure of giving two paper flower workshops at the studio and shop of Poppytalk, one of my long-time favorite blogs. It was an absolute delight to meet Jan Halvarson, who runs the blog with her husband Earl. I got to teach not one, but two classes and meet a number of delightful crafters who each brought their own flair to the wreaths we made. 

I mean, look at Taryn’s wreath! He sat quietly in the corner then all of a sudden produced this piece. Mind blown.

We had people there who had never heard of paper flowers and others who came specifically to learn to make them for their wedding or shop. We even had the employees of a floral shop attend as well as Tamara Taggart, the Canadian TV presenter who hosts the nightly news and who happens to love to craft (pssst: check out her gorgeous home here.)

It’s always amazing to see how different each flower and wreath turns out. I love the thought that goes into it.

Jenny here on the left had done paper flowers at her wedding too!

Thank you so much for having me Jan! And if you’re ever in Vancouver, go and check out her beautiful shop, which hosts a number of local artist and craftmakers. I could have taken the whole store with me.

Photos by Poppytalk

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