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Design + Father's Day + paper + printable + Projects / Wednesday, 5 Jun 2013

3 free Father’s Day cards

Guys! I blew it. I totally dropped the ball on getting a Father’s Day card in the shop. It’s just that, if I can’t do flowers then I put it to the bottom of the list until boom, it’s too late. SO, that means you get three cards FOR FREE! All you have to do is print it off, cut it out, then fold. Easy squeazy.

This card is called a “4 bar” meaning it’s a pretty standard size of 5 1/2 x 4 1/4″ and you can easily find envelopes to go with it.

Click here to download.

flowers + Making the movies + paper + paper flowers + Projects / Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Making the Movies: Beauty & the Beast

I’ve been wanting to do a column of DIYs from memorable elements from the movies forever now and today is finally the day! I have a hard time sitting during films so keeping an eye out for specific DIYs while I watch is the perfect distraction. First up, your and my favorite movie from our childhood, Beauty and the Beast. I used to imagine that I was Belle. And Lumiere was my buddy. You? I chose to recreate the enchanted rose that once wilted, meant that the Beast would remain a beast unless he found true love. The rose was kept in a beautiful cloche and since I finally found the perfect cloche at the Beehive Bazaar last weekend (from this vintage shop), we could finally get cracking. I didn’t want to make the DIY version TOO in your face cheese ball so I toned it down by changing the red rose to a yellow one.

Materials: crepe paper (I used a two toned color from here), scissors, fine tipped glue gun (they are the best), floral wire 8″, green crepe paper, template (download here), cloche (vintage are my favorite but here’s an Amazon pick), fishing wire

Step 1: Cut out 13 pieces of the template onto your color choice of crepe paper. Make sure the grain of the paper goes horizontal to the petal.
Step 2: With your thumb, gently shape the petal. 8 of them will be shaped vertically. 5 will be shaped horizontally. I use a pencil to shape the horizontally shaped pieces.
Step 3: For the center of the petal, glue one side of the horizontally shaped petals and curl it around to the other.
Step 4: Glue on the back side of the next horizontally shaped petal on either side points of the petal.
Step 5: “Hug” the two sides around the center petal. (center right picture above)
Step 6: Repeat to the other side of the center petal. (bottom left picture above)
Step 7: Repeat the process and glue the next 2 petals so they are equally spaced around the center petal. (bottom center picture above)
Step 8: With the vertically shaped petals, dab some glue onto the bottom of the petal and attach it to the bottom of the now glued flowers.
Step 9: Glue four evenly around the flower.
Step 10: Intersperse the remaining petals around to fill in the gaps.
Step 11: Cut out a 12″x1″ piece of crepe paper for the stem. Make sure the grain is going the short way of the paper. Pull it taut.
Step 12: Cut out leaves from green paper.
Step 13: Shape them with a pencil and cut jagged shapes into them so that they appear to be more lifelike.
Step 14: Glue the end piece of the stem crepe paper and begin rolling it around your wire.
Step 15: About an inch down, glue one leaf into the stem paper and immediately continue wrapping. Add on as many leaves are you’d like to the stem.
Step 16: At the end of the stem, glue the paper into the wire to secure.
Step 17: Glue the stem into the bottom center petal of the flower and hold.
Step 18: To make the rose float in the cloche, glue a small piece of fishing wire into the top of the rose and hold.
Step 19: Glue a tiny dab of glue into the top of the cloche and immediately attach the fishing wire of the rose in. If you want to reuse the cloche, the glue should easily be picked off.

Are there any specific projects you would like to see for next time? Feel free to enlighten me!

PS–Speaking of Beauty and the Beast, have you seen this

flowers + hats + Life + paper / Monday, 6 May 2013

“The best day of my life”

Preface: I am a bit of a walking zombie from all this traveling so this will either be really cheeky or lacking in luster.
We all know I’m joking, right? Right? I got some flack from Al Roker, so I just want to be clear. For those of you just joining, I entered the Kentucky Derby hat contest on the Today Show and they flew the three finalists into NYC last week for the show to choose the winner. 
Here’s how it all went down. First up, I couldn’t have asked for better weather in NYC. NYC, you treated me well. I had shipped my huge paper flower rose hat prior so it was there waiting for me when I arrived. Cute lil’ thang. We got a glimpse of the prize the day before: a replica of the real Kentucky Derby trophy. 
We stayed at a hotel across the street from Rockefellar Plaza so that early the next morning we could be ready for our big day. The other two ladies were so sweet. One was from Nashville and the other from Louisville, so as the lone Westerner, I felt a bit illegit. I mean, how do you compete with two Southerners? It should be illegal. That morning I arrived to the studio stripped of make-up so that they could make me over Ooompa Loompa style. 
Oh oh! I must say that the night before, I raided Anthropologie right across the street for a more appropriate outfit for my TV debut. And I found a peter panned collar shirt with HORSES RACING on it. I mean, does it get any better?! 
Behind the scenes, you watch the show live as it’s being filmed. The guy from The Office was on it that day. Darryl. Craig Robinson to be exact. He made us clap for him when he arrived back in the studio from his interview. Well, of course I’ll give you a round of applause!Your studio audience doesn’t.
Was I nervous? Not until I got on the stage and had to stand–perfectly still–with the huge hat on my head. You see, I have a habit of fainting so this would have been one of the less preferred places to faint. McDonald’s ball playground? Much preferred. Soon, June Ambrose, celebrity stylist, was the judge along with Al Roker. I muttered some nonsense, which you can watch above. One thing I wasn’t allowed to mention? This here BLOG! Truly!
And then…drum roll please…… I won! Now, if you watch the clip, you’ll hear the part about how the other contestant based her hat on her 7 friends and two of them are cancer survivors. Guys! There is no way I should have won this contest! I mean, give it to the cancer survivors for crying out loud! Well, now I have a huge carry-on to take with me. I’m thinking of turning it into a DIY project. But what????? Any ideas out there? 

flowers + Life + paper + Party + workshops / Friday, 3 May 2013

DC paper flower workshop

Yay! It worked out! I hope you all get this message in time for the paper flower workshop in Washington, DC THIS Monday, May 6th at 7pm at the studio of Kate Zaremba. The cost is $35.

Spots are limited so please RSVP to me at or come the day of and we can see if there are any openings.

I can’t wait to meet you!

photo by Jessica Peterson

DIY + paper + Party + Projects / Thursday, 2 May 2013

DIY Fruit tissue honeycomb balls for Cinco de Mayo

First thing, if you’re reading this and you’re in America and it’s May 2nd at 9:15EST (or 10:15) turn it to NBC and watch yours truly vying to win the title of Best Hat on the Today Show Kentucky Derby contest. I guarantee an embarrassing flub with Al Roker.
Do you remember my fruit balloons? Well, I was at the darling shop Harmony on Center Street, Provo the other day (where I’m teaching a paper flower workshop on Saturday, May 11th. Sign up here), and I was eyeing the honeycomb tissue hearts hanging up and all of a sudden it struck me: those hearts are strawberries! So, I had to turn them all into fruits. Rachel from Darlybird was kind enough to provide the tissue balls and hearts. She’s got a great assortment of colors and shapes and they’re at such a great price. Wouldn’t these be great fun for a spring event? Event or not, they’ll be in my studio permanently starting now. 

I won’t do extensive directions with these because you can probably catch the drift, but I’ll give a few pointers.

To make the strawberry heart

Materials: honeycomb tissue paper balls and hearts (I got mine from Darlybird, which is cheap and has a great assortment), glue gun, crepe paper for the leaves in different shades (I’d try Paper Mart for cheap and heavy crepe paper), scissors

Step 1: Cut out 5 or 6 long leaves with the crepe paper grain going vertically.
Step 2: Gold it in the center vertically to provide a bit of shape to the leaves.
Step 3: Glue gun them into the crevices of the heart.
Step 4: With a longer piece of crepe paper (about 1 foot by 4″ wide) roll it to form a cylinder. Make sure it’s tight so that it holds its shape.
Step 5: Glue the “stem” into the center of the tissue heart.

Other fruits to try: orange, lemon, lime, blueberry, grapes in small bunches of purples or greens that are tied together. Adjust the size of the leaf according to each fruit. For the grapes I made more of a grape leaf shape like this

photography by Sheena Bates
Thank you MLBE for your house!