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DIY + Projects / Friday, 12 Apr 2013

Weekend project: Fruit welcome mats

We’re slowly making our new apartment into a home inch by inch. We just barely got a bed last week after sleeping on a mattress on the ground for the past 4 months! On one of my Ikea runs I picked up a circular welcome mat that I thought would be fun to turn into something and yesterday I got it–FRUIT! Plus, once you cut it in half, you get two mats for the price of one. Score.  It’s so easy and would make a great weekend project. One of my all-time favorite purchases from Anthropologie was a welcome mat in this semi-circle shape that had a lovely pattern on it. I knew I didn’t want to make it so complicated so this fruit version is a simpler idea.

DIY + flowers + paper + Projects / Friday, 5 Apr 2013

Best paper flowers

I’m amazed at all the paper flowers I’ve been spotting around lately. I need to step up my game! Here are some of my favorites to try out for some spring bouquets this weekend.

  1. white paper roses
  2. Possibly my favorite paper flowers. So fun! 
  3. Amy Merrick mixed West Elm’s paper flowers and real flowers
  4. Thuss and Farrell
  5. paper flower tulips
  6. Watercolor paper flowers
  7. Crepe paper flowers
  8. Lia Griffith’s rose wedding bouquet
  9. Carnation paper flowers
  10. Lia Griffith’s roses
  11. gorgeous water color peony crepe paper flowers
  12. crepe paper bouquet
  13. Thuss and Farrell
  14. My oversized paper flowers
  15. Lia Griffith’s anenome

DIY + Easter + flowers + Projects / Friday, 29 Mar 2013

3 Ways to wrap a flower

Doesn’t it look like that lily is screaming into my ear?!

I’ve been noticing the lovely Easter lilies at the supermarkets and looking for any excuse to get one, I thought it would be the perfect host gift as we’re going to my brother and sister–in-law’s house for the holiday. Plants from the supermarket always come in tacky foil colors so I thought a quick makeover was in order. You might already have everything you need to make it.

Supplies: I picked up some kraft painter’s paper ($2.50 for the roll!) at the hardware store, scissors, gold paint pen, Easter lilies (they’re cheapest at the hardware store), glue gun

Paint it 
Step 1: Use the square foil that the flowers come in to measure the shape and cut to it.
Step 2: I wanted a starburst type pattern so I started in the corners making circles with my gold pen and coming inwards.
Step 3: To wrap it around the flower, place it in the middle and bring one corner up. Like a napkin, tuck the two sides under so that the corner is in the middle. I glue gunned mine in the creases to make it easier before tying the ribbon.
Step 4: Repeat to all sides.
Step 5: Secure with a ribbon.

Weave it
Step 1: Use the shape of the original foil to cut the strips (however big you’d like but I used about 1″) to that length. Leave a little extra room. Lay them side by side to see that it fits the original square size.
Step 2: Start at one end by going in and out. Continue.
Step 3: When you get to the end, adjust the strips so that they fit snuggly together.
Step 4: I secured mine with glue gun at the edges.
Step 5: To fold, follow the same steps as above.

Cut it
Step 1: Cut the kraft paper larger than the original foil square. Cut two of these.
Step 2: Create your design. I emphasized the corners by making it the shape of a leaf and then scalloped the rest.
Step 3: Make some paper cuts to show off the design.
Step 4: Repeat the same process onto the second piece of paper.
Step 5: Wrap the plant the same way as above. You’ll wrap the second paper around again, but space it out so that the leaf points spread around evenly.

Thank you, Audrey, for your help!

DIY + Easter + holiday + Projects / Thursday, 28 Mar 2013

How to make a giant marbled Easter Egg care package

Another holiday, another care package. It’s a given. And also a given? Oversized. The egg I used in yesterday’s robin’s egg tutorial came in a 3-egg set so I had to put them all to use. I decided to use the “you’ve been egged” theme again for this care package, because who doesn’t want to get egged in the mail? I didn’t just fill it with paper egg shapes, but I added egg candy too. Don’t fret.
You will need: giant easter egg (got mine at Michael’s and before Easter it’s 40% off so you can stock up for next year too), nail polishes in the shades of your choice, stick, colored paper, bucket
Step 1: Fill a bucket with water, enough to cover the egg with.
Step 2: With the nail polish, add drops to the water. Because the egg is so large you’ll need to add enough drops so it pretty much covers the size of the egg.
Step 3: With a stick or wire or something, swirl the paint around creating the marble look.

Step 4: Submerge your egg in the water. The paint should attach to the egg. 
Step 5: Redip it to cover the areas not covered.
Step 6: Cut out egg-shapes out of the colored paper. Add notes on them if you wish.
Step 7: Create your package: I added in candy and other fun Easter stuff.
Step 8: To make it really secure through the mail (I’m sending it as is, no box!), I glue gunned the two parts together. The recipient will have to use a little force (and possibly x-acto) to open, but I think it’s better to be safe than sorry in the mail.

Thank you to Andrea for helping me with the project.

DIY and photography by Brittany Watson Jepsen

DIY + paper + Projects + Wedding / Thursday, 28 Mar 2013

Make a homemade card for the wedding couple

I haven’t show a wedding DIY in awhile. Here’s my latest for Brooklyn Bride. Short, sweet, simple. Just how we like, eh?

photography and DIY by moi.