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DIY + halloween + Projects / Thursday, 12 Oct 2017

Pastel Pumpkin Faces

Painted pastel pumpkin peopleIs there anything more magical than a trip to the pumpkin patch in the middle of fall? Crisp weather, colorful leaves falling, and the spooky anticipation of Halloween makes me giddy! Picking out the perfect pumpkin is something of an art, and I almost enjoy that more than the carving part. In fact, I don’t really enjoy carving pumpkins all that much! The goop and stringy guts all over my fingers is not my idea of a good time. So we’re swapping our carving kits for paint brushes this season! These pastel pumpkin faces are just my cup of tea this season. A pretty palette and quirky faces make the perfect pairing for pumpkins. And the best part? No pumpkin guts! Less mess, more cute, equally festive. That’s what the world needs.

This is the first of a few posts on which we’ve collaborated with the talented Michelle Christensen of My Little Belleville. We collaborated with her a few years ago on our popular succulent painted family post (remember?!) and they are here for a return visit! Stay tuned for more spooky crafts to comes!

Get the full DIY! Read on →

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DIY + halloween + Projects / Wednesday, 11 Oct 2017

Pumpkin Patch Car and spider web decals

Add Spider web decals to your carHave you all gone to the pumpkin patch yet? Fall isn’t complete without a trip to pick pumpkins! I love to scatter a few out on my front porch to ring in the season and welcome me when I get home from work. But what about when I’m not a home? If you’re like me, you probably spend the majority or a large part of your day in your car! Crazy as it may seem, my car is like an extension of my home. I’ve always got a change of clothes, some packages, snacks, water bottles, you name it, and I’ve got it!

With that being said, we decided to partner up with Esurance to give our cars a personalized touch for the Halloween season! If homes deserve to be decorated, why shouldn’t your car? A pumpkin patch atop your car complete with cobwebs in the windows is the perfect way to make memories wherever life takes you this spooky season. So instead of piling your pumpkins in the trunk as you leave the patch, take a cue from Christmas trees and throw them on the roof! It’s sure to bring a smile to every passing car! Another bonus? This is the easiest way to deck your car for a trunk-or-treat!

Check out the full DIY to make your own Pumpkin Patch car and get the cobweb templates below!

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Design + Projects / Wednesday, 11 Oct 2017

One Room Challenge week 2

We have joined 20 bloggers (see the full list below!) for the biannual One Room Challenge. Join us for 6 weeks as we show the start to finish of our office makeover! 

Last week I announced our participation in the One Room Challenge and showed some ahem, glorious, before photos of our office that we will be renovating. We got a late start on the challenge so we are in massive make-up mode over here, not to mention it’s our busiest time of the year plus two major deadlines this week. Doesn’t this crisis mode always seems to happen at the same time every year? Or maybe just every 3 months? 1 month?

I wanted to start with some inspiration for the room like this one above. Read on →

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DIY + Home + Life + Projects / Tuesday, 10 Oct 2017

Rainbow Envelope Organization System for our new stationery suite

Rainbow Envelope Organization System

This post was in partnership with MOO. All opinions and designs are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that allow Lars to continue creating original content!

I will be the first to admit that I’m not the tidiest or organized person out there. It’s something I have to work hard at! However, I love when everything has a place and I know exactly where to go to find it. There is a special satisfaction that comes from tidiness, of that I’m sure. Our new business cards and stationery printed by MOO were just the inspiration I needed to get my life in order, that is, a small corner of my life.

Rainbow business cards with

As you might recall, I’m a huge fan of MOO. We worked with them last year to create some new packaging for our business cards and other stationery elements and I can’t recommend them enough. Due to the growth of our company, we were in need of some new business cards for the upcoming year. Lars has some really exciting and fun projects coming up in the next few months and we wanted to incorporate that imagery into our new business cards. So a rainbow assortment was the natural way to go! We are thrilled with how they turned out! They have a new line of cotton business cards made from recycled t-shirts (yes! t-shirts) making them entirely tree-free. And you know what? They’re beautiful. The cards and stationery inspired us to create a rainbow envelope organization system to keep all the odds and ends of my life in check. This is the ultimate command station that would be perfect for a home or work office. The wonderful thing is, all you need is a pegboard and some paper envelopes. I can already feel the stress melting away.

Check out the how-to after the jump!

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Costumes + halloween + Projects + Style / Monday, 9 Oct 2017

4 easy iron-on costumes

Green house Halloween costumeAm I the only one that tends to get burnt out from all the Halloween hullabaloo before Halloween even arrives? This isn’t to say that I don’t enjoy every minute of Halloween prep because believe me, I think about Halloween nearly every single day of the year (sadly, this is true!) But when the end of the month finally rolls around, I realize I haven’t even planned out my own costume! Decorations, parties, festivals, and plenty of other things seem to fill up my schedule (and brain), leaving me frantically throwing a costume together last minute. Well, we’ve come up with the solution. Halleluja! We’ve joined forces with Cricut to create four easy iron-on Costumes! Each adorable Halloween costume can be thrown together in less than an hour! The iron-on vinyl decals can be easily cut out with the new Cricut Maker and ironed on with the Easy Press! Bonus? You probably already have something in your closet that you can easily transform into one of these costumes!

Constellation iron on costume Ants on a picnic blanket Halloween costume Beehive iron on costume

Check out all of the iron-on costumes!

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