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collaborations + Design + holiday + Life + Uncategorized / Wednesday, 30 Nov 2016

The House That Lars Built for Hallmark

The House That Lars Built for Hallmark The House That Lars Built for Hallmark

If sending out Christmas cards isn’t the funnest thing, then designing your own certainly is! I think I’ve made it pretty clear how much I adore cards. From the envelope to the stamps to the handwritten note, there is nothing sweeter! So when I was given the opportunity to collaborate with Hallmark Signature to create a line of Christmas cards I was tickled pink. This was way better than dancing sugar plum fairies!

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Style + This Girl + Uncategorized / Wednesday, 11 Jun 2014

This Girl… is Having a Birthday!

Today is the birthday of Brittany Jepsen!! Par-tay!! As interns and friends we just wanted to take over Brittany’s blog, to tell (and show) the world how incredible she is! Brittany inspires people. Thats just who she is. Let’s be real… who hasn’t felt inspired by Brittany?  
Brittany is Sasha Fierce. She can model any craft project. Even a doughnut rug!
She is an amazing mentor and friend, loves all things miniature, and is very talented at balancing things on her head. 
She is a master stylist, and can make any ribbon curl to perfection. She shares her love of all things bright, happy, and colorful with the whole world! 
“Brittany is such a generous, graceful, and genuine person. She makes everyone around her feel appreciated!” Laura Sumrak
“Brittany: Her craft knows no bounds.” Kelly Curtis

“When I met Brittany her happiness was infectious. I felt as though we fast became friends, as she was so enjoyable to be around. She is authentic and genuine. She spreads light and joy wherever she goes.” Trisha Zemp

“My favorite thing about Brittany is that she gets SUPER excited about pretty much every idea we throw out. Like eyes wide open and jazz hands excited. She makes me feel like much more of a craft genius than I really am.” Ashley Isenhour
“Ever since I read Brittany’s fantastic blog about a Scandinavian family-run screen printed textile business back in 2009, I knew I had to get to know her. I’ve since been lucky enough to become friends with this smart, hardworking, generous woman, and I am constantly amazed by her talent.” Eva Jorgensen
The world is a lot more colorful and crafty because of you! Happy Birthday Brittany! Please leave your love for Brittany in the comments, on her instagram, and where ever else you can! 

Post and photo outtakes by: Trisha Zemp
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Life + Uncategorized / Sunday, 9 Mar 2014

This week

This week was a week playing catch up after lounging in the Palm Springs sun (and hiding in the rain) last week. BUT, I did have a great time crafting at a paper flower wreath workshop I did yesterday at Vintage Whites market. It was a bit chaotic but we had a great time crafting our hearts away and I’m absolutely stunned at what everyone created. Sadly, we didn’t get a group photo but here’s a little glimpse at the gorgeous creations everyone made. Aren’t they beautiful?!

On that note, I’m thinking of doing more workshops around the country and I’d love to hear from you to know where I should go and if you know of venues or hosts that would be a good fit so speak up if you know the powers that be. One place I definitely want to get to is Portland for my birthday in June and Vancouver, Canada at some point. In my dreams I’m going to Australia and Tokyo…anyone want to take me there?

This week on Lars: 
I recapped my Palm Springs trip here and here (and stay tuned for an AMAZING giveaway!)
I started a book club so we can read some great artful books. Are you in?? 
My thoughts on the busyness trap with a more Scandinavian approach

Lars elsewhere:
My favorite ways to use wicker on Interior Collective
I’ve become way more French in my tastes
How to divide a space without building walls
Flower girl ideas on Brooklyn Bride
Stylish seating for your kitchen on Euro Style Lighting blog

3 Pinterest boards I’m loving:
Present and Correct’s packaging
Liz Daily’s Short-haired girls (makes me want to go back to short hair!)
Katja Ollendorff’s Unusual Beauty –Each one is so beautiful 

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Style + Uncategorized / Friday, 11 Oct 2013

This girl

This Girl loves fall and dressing in costume just as much as I do.

This Girl  |  Relaxes  |  Dresses up

And locals! I will be speaking at this month’s Creative Collaborative at the Coleman Gallery on University Ave in Provo Tuesday, October 15th at 7pm on Lessons from a Reluctant Blogger. Basically telling my story of how I was pretty much forced (held down at gun point) into blogging and what I’ve learned along the way. Come join us! I will be giving away my brand new calendars and notecards! 

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