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Party + Projects + video / Thursday, 14 Sep 2017

3 Easy Birthday Party Hacks with Netflix

Birthday hacks with Netflix

Does birthday party planning ever seem to overwhelm you? Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about extravagant shindigs, but sometimes I just want to hit the easy button on the whole ordeal. Fortunately for me (and you!), Netflix was thinking the same thing! They’ve come up with an easy solution for all you out there planning birthdays for your little ones! Stress no more, because starting today, Netflix is launching 15 on-demand birthday videos that you simply press play on and your kid’s favorite TV characters will sing Happy Birthday especially for them – or so they’ll think (your secret’s safe with me).
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Projects + video / Thursday, 16 Jun 2016

How to plant the perfect pot (video)

How to plant a pot

It’s Thursday! And Thursday means it’s YouTube day. Hooray! This is a video I wish I would have seen years ago when I was venturing into container gardening. I was rather scared to try planting a pot. It may seem silly but it seemed like there was so much I needed to know before I even got started and I didn’t want to invest that much time into it at the time. Now, a few years later, I’ve realized that flowers do grow even if you may not know everything (I hear this about kids too 😉

I spent several years living in the container capital of the world (possibly) in Georgetown, DC where everyone has the most gorgeous plant boxes you’ve ever seen. I would walk the 9 blocks to school every day gawking at the seasonal boxes and I vowed that I’d have beautiful pots one day myself. If you drove by my house now you’d see I’ve kept my vow and may have ventured into crazy plant lady. I welcome the label!  Read on →

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flowers + Projects + video / Sunday, 1 May 2016

Introducing…31 Day Flower Drawing Challenge

31 Day Flower Drawing Challenge

After completing this Daily Drawing Challenge in the month of March, we got so excited to draw that we couldn’t stop! We wanted to test out if April Showers really meant May Flowers, so we made it happen with a 31 Day Flower Drawing Challenge as a part of our NEW YouTube channel! Every day for the month of May we will be showcasing a different flower and teach how to draw it. Don’t worry, it’s not necessarily for the experienced artist. It’s for all levels! Plus, you’ll learn a bit more about 31 different favorite and some lesser known flowers. Plus, if you like a good pun, consider this your new favorite place. We went wild with the puns!

So! Please, watch the promo video above, subscribe to our new channel, join us for the next 31 days, and tag your drawings with #LarsFlowerChallenge

Snapdragon to it 🙂 

Top photo by Anna Killian  |  Video by Modern Atelier 

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collaborations + Color + Design + Home + Interiors + Projects + video / Friday, 24 Oct 2014

Finding the perfect pink with Valspar

As you know (remember?), I’ve been struggling to personalize my basement apartment so that it feels like home. And not just any home, but OUR home. Because that’s the trick–making something feel like yours.
Painting the walls is something I’ve been wanting to do for ages, but as small a step as it may seem, it’s been quite a huge step for me. I’ve never ever painted any room I’ve ever lived in. I’ve never lived in a place long enough or felt like it was worth the time or money.
But finally, we made the decision to remain in our apartment for the time we’re here in Utah (we’re here for at least 2 more years). And being so indecisive has helped me feel like investing time, money, and thought into our home will make me feel like we have our own little spot in the universe. I knew immediately that I wanted white walls because I needed to work with a clean slate. But then the whimsical side of me wanted some way to express myself through color, so I’ve been searching for the perfect shade of pink for my house for months. I wanted a peachy/blush pink that wasn’t too in your face. I wanted it liveable yet identifiable pink. I partnered up with Valspar Paint to find the perfect shade. With 3,000 colors to choose from, Valspar had more than enough options. I found the perfect shade in Snow Pa, and as you can see from the video below, I got a little pink happy. This video was SO fun to make. I get happy just watching it! 
Valspar has this new line of paint called Valspar Reserve that is both a paint and a primer. With time being of the essence with our busy schedules, any time saving device is welcome so the primer/paint combo is essential. And it only takes one coat! Score! This is now a requirement for every paint project I do and the quality was so great. Valspar Reserve is also extremely durable and stain + scrub resistant so  knew it would stand up to any wear and tear and last for a long time.
I went through a long battle in deciding on the right shade. I thought about going darker but ultimately realized that this basement apartment needed light. Loads of it! Valspar Snow Pa was strong yet light enough to feel airy and spacious. 
I’m still working on decorating it and styling it, but for now I got a few bookshelves up and am slowly adding to it. The rest of the space needs a lot of help in the furniture department so it will be awhile before I show you that.
And are you ready for this? Some before shots. Ha! I tried out various shades to get this Snow Pa. And notice how my house acts as a prop house. 
Gorgeous pink/peach, no?! 
For me this little project has been a huge victory. Paint is such a small spec on the home renovation spectrum but it makes a huge impact in the way you feel and how you connect with your space. This little basement apartment of ours is feeling more and ore home the more we customize it.
Thank you Valspar Paint for helping us connect with our home!

This post is sponsored by Valspar Paint. Valspar Reserve is available exclusively at Lowe’s. Find the location nearest you. Thank you to our sponsors who make this blog possible. 

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DIY + Life + press + video / Thursday, 7 Aug 2014

How to make a paper tulip with BYU Magazine

A couple of months ago I was featured with a generous article in the spring edition of BYU Magazine, the alumni magazine of my alma mater. I attended BYU as an undergraduate and I have to admit that I’m shocked that they would want to feature me and my work. Honored, but shocked. I consider this feature meaningful, probably more meaningful than any other feature to date, because of the vast amounts of students who have graduated from BYU and the number of them who are doing incredible things. And here I am cutting out flower petals all day long! It blows my mind.
I had a valuable undergraduate experience but I was a later bloomer (oh the puns!) in every sense of the word. I didn’t really have a firm grasp on what I was going to do in life, but I was a hard worker, a good student, and I went after opportunities. Had I been dead set on becoming an art curator like I thought I should do, who knows where I would be. The flexibility to go with the flow, yet adamantly set on remaining creative in some way, has allowed me to pave my own path in a creative career. And somehow there’s food on the table. I’m continually flabbergasted how life has worked out.
Charlene Winters, the writer of the article, insisted on doing a video to accompany the article and it was just released this week. In it, I teach how to make a paper tulip but I also share some personal experiences as well as some of my beliefs (it is BYU Magazine after all ;). I had a BALL making the video especially with the awesome film crew. I wish I would have gotten some behind the scenes pics. We had a good time. I’m trying to beg them to come back and do more videos with me. 
I will warn you, I was sick as a dog the day of shooting. In fact, right after the shoot I came back home and couldn’t move for a full week. Most likely because of that I was into the idea of time efficiency so we did it in one take. Score! 
Here’s a link to the article in BYU Magazine or if you still have your copy of the spring edition, you can read it in print there.
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