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Style + Wedding / Monday, 17 Apr 2017

Exclamation Point Bridal Accessories

Bridal accessories

Usually, when a woman first gets engaged, her thoughts turn to the wedding dress. It can be a difficult process to choose the perfect dress: You often have to try on dozens of dresses, visit multiple shops, it may take months to ship, and there are almost always alterations for size and customization. Have you ever seen “Say Yes to the Dress”? It can get pretty intense! I was lucky, or maybe crazy (?) because I bought the second dress I tried on. Nevertheless, it can be an overwhelming process, enough so to make you forget about accessories. No wedding look is complete without the accessories! Michael Kors said, “I have always thought of accessories as an exclamation point of an outfit.” Every bride wants exclamation points, right? I got the prettiest shoes and jewelry from BHLDN to add the exclamation point to my wedding dress and I couldn’t be happier. They are right in line with my Scandinavian Garden theme. I have a few tips when it comes to choosing your accessories

Take a closer look at our exclamation point bridal accessories

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Design + DIY + Life + Wedding / Thursday, 23 Mar 2017

Make a wedding inspiration board

Wedding Inspiration Board

Rebecca here with a wedding update (see part one here) ! We’re nearing the big day and luckily I feel cool as a cucumber! The major decisions have been made and I’m enjoying the process of seeing all the details and components come together. There is still plenty to be done, but I feel like I have a handle on things. How is that possible?! I’m just as floored as you are! I am fully aware of the stress and anxiety that many brides-to-be often feel while engaged. Trust me, I’m no stranger to these feelings. I was anticipating being overwhelmed, even expecting it. Worrywart is my middle name.  However, I’ve realized that taking a few initiatives in the very beginning of the wedding planning process have made a BIG difference. My number 1 suggestion? Make a wedding inspiration board! This is extremely helpful for a number of reasons…

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Crafts + DIY + Party + Projects + Style + Wedding / Monday, 6 Mar 2017

Crepe Paper Flower Girl crown

Rebecca Young, who has been working with Lars since last summer, and came on full-time earlier this year, recently got engaged and we couldn’t be more thrilled about it. We love throwing parties but for one of our own, we are over the moon! Rebecca lived in Sweden for a year and a half and loves all things Scandinavian just like me and her wedding is going to be one lovely Swedish garden. We will be documenting her wedding details along the way. Oh man! It’s got me wishing I had another opportunity to plan another lovely party myself. Stay tuned for all the juicy details starting with her flower girl crowns. Here she shows you how to make them.

Hello! I’m giddy to be able to share a few glimpses inside of my wedding planning process. Planning can be stressful and wonderful and a roller coaster of emotions, but I’ve figured out a few tricks and tips that have helped me along the way. I’ll be going into more details on that later, so make sure to check back! But for now, I’m kicking my wedding series off with this crepe paper flower girl crown that our four nieces will wear on the wedding day.  I wanted it to capture the Scandinavian garden feel of my wedding, highlighting the main colors and the whimsical nature of the wedding. I love that each girl will have a memento of the wedding day to keep. They turned out lovely and will be even sweeter on my darling nieces!

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Party + Projects + Wedding / Wednesday, 2 Nov 2016

DIY get away car paper garland swag

DIY paper garland swag for wedding get away car

One of the perks to living and working in Provo, Utah is a nearby university, which supplies us with some talented and hard-working interns every semester. I’m so lucky! And because I went to the same university myself, I get to see them interact in a similar environment, though they’re much cooler than I ever was (or am! ha!). Some of them are already married, getting married, or super close to getting married, which I definitely didn’t do in college (ahem, late bloomer here…) and it’s fun to hear about what’s going on in this phase of life. We have one who will be getting married soon and we came up with this DIY paper garland for her car send off at the wedding. Isn’t it beautiful?!
paper garland for wedding car

Their exciting phase in life also reminds me of some of the harder parts of newlywed life like budgeting or buying a car together. Such a big decision! We’ve partnered up with Capital One, a trusted auto lender to so many that has an Auto Navigator® site that makes it easy to find your dream car by giving you the option to “test drive” your different options of term length, price and vehicles.

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collaborations + Party + Style + Wedding / Tuesday, 29 Mar 2016

Mix and Match bridesmaid party with BHLDN


Introducing the first ever Mix & Match bridal shower! The secrets to this party hide within the details: mix and match dishes, custom treats, fresh flowers, jeweled accessories, and of course, delicate dresses. But, the real secret of the party lies with you. Instead of sending your bridesmaids out to find dresses, you’re bringing them in to find their perfect match. Frills, ribbons, and excited grins are your party favors. Now, you can leave your most trusted sidekicks feeling like queens themselves.

BHLDN asked us to throw the perfect bridesmaid party, because after all, every wedding needs beautiful dresses. So, here are the details to the Mix & Match bridesmaid: a party to throw, a brunch to remember.  Read on →