DIY + Home + Projects / Thursday, 21 Sep 2017

Layered Fan Art Piece

DIY layered paper fan wall decoration

Accordion fans, medallions, whatever you want to call them, they’re adorable and have been popping up all over the place! Typically used as party decor, we decided we needed a reason to keep them up a bit longer than one day. We created this layered fan art piece intending it to act as a more permanent home decor feature. You can easily bring color and texture into your home without spending more than 10 dollars and an evening putting it together! We’re always down with that kind of project. By texturing some cardstock and using spray paint and gold leaf to add dimension, paper fans take on a new life. Hang this installation up in your entryway and greet your guests with an artful display!DIY layered paper fan wall decoration

Get the full DIY and start your folding! 

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Projects + Style / Wednesday, 20 Sep 2017

Hardware Store Necklaces

My dear friend, illustrator Michéle Brummer Everett, has top-notch style and I love to see what she puts together. She is always donning the raddest jewelry. The other day I took a closer look at a piece she was wearing, only to realize that it all made out of hardware store pieces! Rope, tubing, metal pipes, and some embroidery floss. That’s all it is! I love when unusual items can be transformed into something beautiful and absolutely original. We’re featuring a few of her Hardware Store Necklaces here on the blog and pairing them with some fun outfits so you get the feel of the entire look. Clearly, these necklaces are not for the faint of heart, but some bold accessorizing never hurt anyone! Today she’s teaching us how she does it! 

When I first went away to art school in Chicago I discovered Ace Hardware (no this isn’t a sponsored post, just a declaration of love). As a South African who had no experience in midwestern weather I remember running into the small Ace across from my building seeking shelter. The snow kept falling and so I poked around only to discover what I know now…everything I ever needed is sold in a hardware store.

DIY a necklace with items from the hardware store

Check out all the funky looks! 

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Book Club + Life / Tuesday, 19 Sep 2017

The Glass Castle Book Art

The Glass Castle Book Art Readers! How have you enjoyed The Glass Castle? The book is getting a lot of attention with the opening of the movie, but you guys, neither the book NOR the movie disappoint! Jeannette Walls is a masterful writer, draws you in, and makes you experience just what she and her siblings did. Head to the blog to print off this month’s amazing printable with a quote from the book by Kelsey Garrity Riley which we absolutely love! 

Download the free book art printables!

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DIY + Food + halloween + Party + Projects / Monday, 18 Sep 2017

“The Birds” Cake Topper

"The Birds" Cake TopperIt’s mid-September already which means we’re knee-deep in Halloween crafts and costumes! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays because it’s a chance to embrace all things spooky and moody and even a little bit creepy, which I love. This may be a bit surprising to many of you, but it’s not always rainbows and flowers over here! So to kick off our Halloween posts this year we have “The Birds” cake topper, inspired, of course, by Alfred Hitchcock’s famous thriller. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a great “scary movie.” It is more suspenseful than anything and appropriate for all tolerance levels (I’m a bit of a wimp). Fun Fact: It was selected for preservation in the National Film Registry of the United States Library of Congress in 2016. So yes, it’s worth a watch!

"The Birds" Cake Topper with svg files for cricut

Lucky for you, these birds won’t attack you when you go in to slice the cake. However, they do make a stunning centerpiece for a Halloween party! A really simple DIY, made even easier if you have a die-cut machine. We chose to pair our birds with a red velvet cake frosted with black icing to up the creepy factor a bit. They’d also make great cupcake toppers for a party if you nestled two or three birds on top. So bookmark this for your next spooky soiree and let “The Birds” cake topper take flight!

Download “The Birds” templates and get baking!

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Style + This Girl / Friday, 15 Sep 2017

This girl

This Girl This Girl This Girl

I had unofficially retired our This Girl because I didn’t know know if you were digging them or not, but after hearing about how much you missed Her through your feedback, I decided that we we need to bring Her back!

What is This Girl?

I started the This Girl series back in 2011 (here’s the first one!). After spending so much time collecting images on Pinterest, I started to see some color and style connections between interiors, products, and fashion. There were a lot of lovely ladies in wonderful outfits that I loved, knowing I’d never be able to afford them, but I still related to Her in some way and loved creating a world that she resided in. I’m guessing that there’s a This Girl you relate to as well and if you do, let me know! I’d love to hear which one tickles your fancy. I hope you can find some inspiration in this series that will be re-commencing starting….now!

Who is This Girl?

Today’s This Girl is in honor of impending autumn. In fact, it’s raining cats and dogs today here in Utah and I’m wishing I had the perfect rain coat to dash outside.

This Girl  |  Rests here  |  Makes these

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