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housekeeping + Life / Wednesday, 6 Jan 2016

State of the blog address: 2016

Ms. Speaker, Mr. Vice President, Members of Congress, my fellow blog readers:

We are 8 years into The House That Lars Built. That’s 33 8 years of trying to figure out what the heck I will contribute to this world, 8 years of putting pretty things out into blogland, 8 years of meeting fine, fabulous, and creative people like yourselves, 8 years of working with fantastic companies and collaborations, roughly 3 years of finally getting serious about blogging, 2 years of realizing that this is what I really want to do and making it a viable business for me and my family, and many moments of “this is so wonderful I get to be creative professionally”, alongside “holy cow, I don’t think I can move my body anymore” to “what’s a good system for organizing receipts. help!”. (For reals, anyone got one?)

I’m lucky I get to do what I love and get paid for it. And have you with me to show me your beautiful ways too.

That’s not to say that it’s all gem stones and glitter all the time. Read on →

Design + Life / Sunday, 23 Aug 2015

This week


Happy weekend! I have three fun announcements for you.

First, I have spent the weekend cleaning and purging the house because we’re having a studio sale at Hinterland this coming Saturday. It’s been a long overdue purging so I’ll be selling or giving away a ton of clothes, craft supplies, and props. If you’re in Utah, come and check it out! Here’s the announcement here.

Another fun announcement! I started an Instagram account purely for Craft The Rainbow. Because there have been nearly 10,000 submissions, there’s clearly a need to focus all the content in one place. Follow along at @CraftTheRainbow for all your colorful needs!

And lastly, I joined Snapchat a couple of weeks ago. I know what you’re thinking. Why? And huh? Me too. I have no desire to add another thing to my day and it took me ages to navigate how to use it, but I’ve finally figured it out and it’s been LIFE CHANGING! Sometimes I just don’t want to style a photo and want to show how my hair looks at the end of the day. You know, the essentials of life. It’s really rocking my world. Follow me with my username HouseLarsBuilt.

Now, some fun links for your weekend!
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I’m always looking for the best sketchbooks

Transform old linens

Top photo by Cobra Lily Shop and check out the additional fun rainbow photos after the jump

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Life + travel / Monday, 2 Mar 2015

Click Retreat Caribbean

click retreat caribbean

In January I was invited to teach a photo styling workshop with my good pal, Meta Coleman, aboard Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of The Seas, the largest ship in the world for Click Retreat, a conference for bloggers that focuses on photography and social media in the Caribbean for a week. When I got the email the only words I saw were “January”, “cruise”, “Caribbean” and immediately responded “YES!”. We visited Bahamas, St. Thomas, and St. Maarten.

But, what would make them think I would even like it? I mean, it’s not like the Bahamas had photogenic pink buildings everywhere or anything…

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

And it’s not like the scenery was very scenic. Bleh.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Seriously, I couldn’t find a single pink building ANYWHERE in the Bahamas! It was so BORING!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

It’s not like we had colorful props to work with or delicious fruits to make smoothies with…

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Meta and I pretended we were recently engaged and on a romantic getaway the whole time taking our engagement photos…Somehow we keep getting invited to rad places around the world…just the two of us without our families…when in Rome!unnamed-12


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collaborations + Design + Life + my shop / Friday, 12 Dec 2014

New dinnerware collections out today!

Remember the little teaser I gave a few months back about my new dinnerware collections with Twig NY? Well, today’s the day! The online shop is OPEN NOW and you can now purchase the three collections I’ve designed.

I’ve been a big fan of plates and dinnerware since I was a girl. When my family went on road trips I would buy those tacky souvenir plates and hang them on my walls. There’s something about a circular design in ceramic that just gets me. Then during my internship with Celerie Kemble in NYC, she asked me to design a plate for her Tiffany and Co. collaboration and I was over the moon. How did she know about my love affair?! When I moved to Denmark I thought I would pursue it a bit more, which is when I created the line of souvenirs for the royal wedding in plates and mugs. I’ve learned so so much since then and I was so pleased when I was asked to create for Twig.

The first in the collection is Petals. As you are hopefully well aware by now, I love flowers. Like, I LOVE flowers. And I love color (hence, craft the rainbow) and this is the ultimate Craft the Rainbow! Rainbow petals! It’s wild and loud yet so so pretty. It actually looks as if you’re about to devour petals for dinner. It comes in a salad plate, dinner plate, platter, soup bowl, and mug. But I think they would be so so rad as decoration or in a plate collection on a wall. I use the 8″ plate right now as a caddy to hold my keys and stuff. It’s a unique design as it’s totally flat.

The next up is the Scandinavian Florals collection. This is based on my calendar, which I sell in my Etsy shop and I loved transferring it into a series of dinnerware. They’re so delicate yet interesting in their patterns. It comes in a platter, dinner plate, salad plate, cereal bowl, mug, and cup and saucer.

Finally, the Language of Flowers collection. This is based on my Language of Flowers calendar in my shop as well. It comes in a platter, dinner plate, salad plate, dessert plate, salad bowl, cereal bowl, and mug.

What do you think?! Are you into dinnerware? Hopefully you still have some room in your Christmas shopping 🙂 In the coming months I’ll be showing how I style my plates in a few different settings (these were styled by Twig’s creatives). 

Life + This week / Sunday, 16 Nov 2014

This week

Hello from the arctic circle. Or at least that’s how it felt this week. You know how I feel about cold weather–not good (an understatement). But highlights of the week were teaching a wreath workshop at Albion Fit in Salt Lake to a sold out crowd, see above image. I love getting together to craft.

I have a busy week ahead as I’m doing two window displays for the holidays. Wish me luck! It’s a huge endeavor and I’m hoping it goes smoothly.

This week on Lars:
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This week, stay tuned for a fun Thanksgiving tradition to start.

ALSO, the winner of the Freshly Picked giveaway is @justcallmesusie.  Thank you to everyone for playing!