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christmas + gift guides + holiday + Style / Tuesday, 18 Nov 2014

Lars Holiday Gift Guide: Kate Middleton

The holidays are in full swing here at Lars—I’ve been listening to Mannheim Steamroller’s Christmas on repeat!  Something’s got to get us through this cold! I’ve been doing better at preparing more in advance so the shopping and decorating aren’t as last minute as they usually are so I thought I’d prepare some holiday gift guides for you to help you find some awesome gifts for your loved ones. I’m kicking it off a gift guide inspired by Kate Middleton…because we all have a bit of duchess in us, non?!
When I think of Kate I think classic yet fresh, luxurious yet restrained, and of course globs of jewels! Here are some of my favorite items:

  1. Some lovely blush-tone earrings that would go everything–from Christmas to fancy to fun casual.
  2. A white winter hat to keep those ears warm and dressed up.
  3. A fancy planner because every royal needs to keep a calendar.
  4. A bejeweled golden clutch that goes with just about anything.
  5. A coordinating crystal necklace, which dresses up the simplest of forms.
  6. A cozy faux fur blanket for the crisp nights.
  7. Cozy metallic flats to get you around town comfortably—we don’t all have drivers.
  8. A colorful red faceted ring.
  9. An intricate bib necklace for a holiday party.
  10. An embellished jeweled dress (and reaches the knees, just like the Queen requested 😉
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christmas + holiday + Life / Friday, 1 Dec 2017

Gifts for $50 and under

Gifts for $50 and under

Welcome to December! We’re on our second gift guide for the season (see the first one $25 and under here) and this time we’re focusing on gifts for $50 and under. This one was fun to put together as I put a lot of things on that I want myself. Ha! See the full list below!

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gift guides + holiday + Life / Friday, 17 Nov 2017

Gifts for $25 and under

Gifts for $25 and under

Are you in holiday mode yet? We are pushing full steam ahead! There are things to be made! Decor to be added and? Gifts to be bought! We’re doing 3 gift guides this year for every budget starting with gifts for $25 and under, perfect for so many different friends and family and co-workers in your life. Take a peek below!

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Crafts + Life + Projects / Wednesday, 6 Sep 2017

A Cut Above the Rest: Scissor Guide

Guide to how to use scissorsAfter celebrating Fiskars 50th Anniversary of the orange-handled scissors, we realized just how critical scissors are in our day to day life here at Lars. We use scissors here all the time! And let me tell you, one size does not fit all, folks. Whether you’re a serious crafter, an embroidery enthusiast, or one who prefers printables, there is a pair of scissors out there you didn’t know you needed. The right pair of scissors can make a huge difference depending on the type of project you’re working on. That’s where we come in. I’m pretty sure there is no such thing as a scissor expert, but if there was, give me the certificate right now! We’ve rounded up the best pairs of scissors on the market, explaining their strengths and ideal projects to make with them. Read on →

City guides + Life + travel / Wednesday, 22 Mar 2017

Cuba Travel Guide Part 1: logistics

Havana, Cuba travel guideI’ve been giving some sneak peeks away of our trip to Cuba over the past few weeks and it’s been so interesting hearing your reactions. Most are floored that we (Americans) could even go and others have mentioned that you are anxiously awaiting a travel guide because they are planning their trip too. After our experience, there is a lot we were really pleased about and other things we would have done differently.

I’m breaking the guide into two parts. One part for logistics on how to travel to and around Cuba and the other for things to see and do. I don’t normally provide traveling logistics, but because Cuba is still rather unknown to Americans, information was somewhat hard to find.

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