Life + Music / Friday, 4 Oct 2019

Interview and Craft Sesh with Brooke White

To know her is to love her and today you will get to know her AND love her. I was honored to sit down with the one and only Brooke White, of American Idol fame, a couple of weeks ago and talk to her about her new album out TODAY. Calico is her version of Nashville (California + Country = CaliCo!). She never made out East as she thought she might (2 kids might do it to ya) so she brought it to her and you know what? She made gold! Admittedly, I’m not the biggest country music fan myself, but her vibe is California cool with a kick-back flavor. It’s everything you feel as you’re coasting PCH with the wild straw on one side and the great big blue on the other.


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Book Club + Life / Wednesday, 2 Oct 2019

October Book Club: We Have Always Lived in a Castle

Happy October, readers! ‘Tis the season of all things spooky! Since we’ve previously read some great classics—Frankenstein, Rebecca, and Dracula—we’re turning to one of America’s celebrated horror, mystery, and psychological suspense short story masters: Shirley Jackson. You may have read her famous story The Lottery, or The Haunting of Hill House. Her final novel, We Have Always Lived in the Castle, takes the creepy cake, though. This story involves members of an eccentric and now reclusive family, the Blackwoods. Merricat and her older sister Constance live with their Uncle Julian, the only members of the family still alive after the others died by poisoning. Who did it, who is the villain here, what exactly is going on, and why does the whole village despise them? This book’s unsettling undertone is perfect for a cozy, moody autumn evening. Enjoy! (Muhahaha…).

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Design + Interiors + Life / Wednesday, 2 Oct 2019

Pillow Refresh in Mary’s Guest Room

Serena & Lily Pillows Friends and Family SaleHave you seen the latest in Mary’s guest room (check it out here)!  From the beautiful wallpaper to the multifunctional furniture pieces, everything came together quite nicely and we are in love.  The open window is one of her favorites as it accentuates how tall the ceilings really are. In turn, however, this made some of the decor pieces, like the pillows, seem a little undersized.  Now, we love pillows just as much as the next person, so we decided our best option was to start looking for some larger statement pillows.  And just in the nick of time, Serena & Lily began their friends and family sale!Serena & Lily Pillows Friends and Family Sale

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Design + downloads / Tuesday, 1 Oct 2019

October desktop backgrounds

October 2019 desktop calendar background

And just like that…it’s October! And sure enough, Mother Nature greeted us with frost on the windows this morning and snow in the mountains. All the while, the grass is still green and the dandelions are on their last leg. Must be fall! Monica immortalized this ethereal moment with an appropriate butterfly/dandelion scene for your phone and desktop. Enjoy!


background for iphone

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DIY + Projects / Monday, 30 Sep 2019

DIY Palm Leaves

This month we have had our eyes on dried plants and flowers. There’s nothing more elegant. And as the days start getting just a little bit colder, we’ll take whatever we can get that reminds us of summer days. We’ve LOVED the dried plant trend and decided to to try it out with paper because when do suddenly come across a dried frond? Dried plants are already permanent, we get it, but we loved them too much to not give it a shot. Here’s our version of the lovely Palm Fan Leaves, jazzed up with a little bit of color, because could something really be Lars if it wasn’t at least one of the shades of the rainbow?

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