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Dress the rainbow + Style / Sunday, 30 Aug 2015

Day 54 of Dress the Rainbow


Day 54 of Dress the Rainbow in medium grey with Kyong Millar of Koo de Ker, a local boutique in Salt Lake City. I remember when I was an undergrad here in Provo and this cute little shop first opened. There weren’t too many rad shops in the area and this one made an impact. I was thrilled when I returned back to Utah and discovered that Koo de Ker was alive and kicking 10 years later. Kyong has impeccable taste and her Instagram shows it! Her shop contains something for everyone in every price point, which I really appreciate.

Today, Kyong is giving away two gift cards worth $100 each. Check out how to enter after the jump!

Shop Medium Grey Below!

Photo by Jessica Peterson

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Dress the rainbow + Style / Saturday, 29 Aug 2015

Day 53 of Dress the Rainbow

Natalie Holbrook for Dress the Rainbow

Day 53 of Dress the Rainbow in light grey with Natalie Holbrook of the lifestyle blog, Hey Natalie Jean. I caught her just as she was about to move from NYC to Moscow, Idaho and I’m so lucky I did! I felt like I was picking up a conversation with an old friend, though we had only just met for the first time . If you haven’t read her blog, you’re in for a treat. I know people say they don’t “read blogs anymore, but treat yo self and save some brain power for her hilarious and poignant musings on motherhood and marriage. This girl is gifted with the pen, errr. keyboard. And also! She came out with a book earlier this year called Hey Natalie Jean: Advice, Musings, and Inspiration and its everything you want in a book: style, funnies, wisdom. I strongly recommend it! Thanks for playing with me Natalie!

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Dress the rainbow + Style / Friday, 28 Aug 2015

Day 52 of Dress the rainbow

Silver dress the Rainbow

Day 51 of Dress the rainbow in silver.

Dress from Maeberry Vintage 

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Photography by Alexa Jorgenson

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Dress the rainbow + Style / Thursday, 27 Aug 2015

Day 51 of Dress the rainbow


Day 50 of Dress the rainbow in metallic gold with photographer, Jessica Peterson. Since the week I moved to Utah, Jessica has become my trusted artistic and photographic partner in crime. First and foremost, she’s an artist. An artist in mind, goals, and vision. She’s always willing to do create for the end goal of beauty, which is why we make a good pair. I’m lucky to have her by my side and to call her my friend.

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Photo by Chelsea Bauer 

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Dress the rainbow + Style / Wednesday, 26 Aug 2015

Day 50 of Dress the Rainbow

BHLDN wedding skirt and topoversized flowersBHLDN wedding skirt

Day 50 of Dress the Rainbow in antique white in a gorgeous BHLDN wedding ensemble. When I was engaged, Anthropologie announced that they were coming out with a wedding site called BHLDN. I thought it was kismet. I emailed them immediately and told them I would be their guinea pig if they wanted to give me anything 🙂 Well, fast forward 5 years and I got to wear this gorgeous skirt and sweater top, which I think would be beautiful as a more subdued bride or as a change of clothing for a winter wedding.

Find my skirt here and my top here 

Photos by Maude Lee

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