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Design + Style + This Girl / Thursday, 4 Jun 2015

This Girl art prints


I have been doing the “This Girl” column for 4 years now. Four years! And it’s continually one of your favorite parts of the blog (as you so kindly tell me in surveys and comments!). Thank you for reading and commenting. I love your feedback and your contribution to this community. I have to admit, it’s been one of my favorite parts of Lars as well. It started out with me wanting to add a narrative to the many nameless faces we see as we scroll down our screen every day. Who is that girl in the photo? Where does she live? What does she do? With this visual story we’ve seen This Girl travel the seas, play flamingo croquet, gather a fabulous shoe collection.

Sarah of Sarah Jane Studios, approached me with a light bulb idea she had a few months back: She takes the This Girls and merges them into one gorgeous and whimsical illustration. So, without further ado…
This Girl art prints

“This Girl” art prints, a collaboration with Sarah Jane Studios and The House That Lars Built. Squeals!

With the release of the new prints, we realized that each girl needed a name to complete the story. We’ve called this month’s This Girl, Anouk. We thought she looked and felt quite French, non? 

We’ll be releasing a new art print each month that comes in 8×10″, 11×14″, 16×20″ and the opportunity to buy the print of the month at an introductory price until the next one comes out.
This Girl. Anouk2

It’s been truly magical to see the inspiration from the gorgeous interiors and products and clothing that each maker creates turned into a curated experience that then becomes packaged into a visual story. Thank you for letting us complete the story.

Now, head on over to the shop and say bonjour to Anouk.

Image credits: This Girl  |  Walks  |  Posts

And as always, shop the post below!

Life + Style / Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Behind the scenes of Little Birds


Remember the Little Birds feature from Milk Magazine that I produced with Chaunte Vaughn as photographer and Danielle Wilson on fashion? It’s one of my all time favorite projects that I’ve ever participated on. I thought I’d show you a behind the scenes look at what went on.

rad treehouse

I’ve used Quinn and Katrina’s treehouse for previous shoots but we felt it was the best place to capture the spirit of our little birds so they were on board once again for another Lars takeover. Thanks Q and K!

You know you’ll see a shot and it looks like you’re peeking in from behind a tree? Yes, that “tree” in this case is Chaunte holding up some branches that we had foraged from a nearby neighborhood.

behind the scenes of Little Birds

Danielle created some amazing pieces of clothing. She hand dyed all the fabrics with a technique she’s been honing to create a grey parrot, pink flamingo, green peacock, and white swan. Read more about her process here. It’s amazing what she did in UNDER A WEEK! This was a Project Runway for the books. I mean, look at the pink flamingo, each “feather” has three layers of pinks to it. It’s incredible. And if you have little girls, check out her site of whimsical play clothes.behind the scenes of Little Birdsbehind the scenes of Little BirdsSwayzie is one of my favorite little models. She’s so sweet and great at modeling, even though she’s probably better at soccer 🙂 You see these rugs below? Interwoven generously loaned us these gorgeous rugs. We turned them upside down and they worked like a charm! 

behind the scenes of Little Birds

Photography by Chaunte Vaughn  |  Fashion by Danielle Wilson  |  Produced by Brittany Jepsen for Milk Magazine  |  Rugs loaned from Interwoven

See the full story below. 

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Baby shower + collaborations + Party + Projects / Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Baby shower children’s book game

Children's book baby shower

Yes! There’s still a few more baby shower idea posts! The theme for the shower was Balloons, Books, and Baby and the major “entertainment” was left to the guests. It’s hard finding good baby shower games that don’t involve diapers and melted chocolate, no? So, everyone was instructed to bring a children’s book to gift to Victoria and baby and Chronicle Books pitched in and supplied some of their gorgeous editions. Because we were working with some clever creatives (though I don’t think you have to necessarily have an interested in crafts to recreate the game) we asked everyone to bring the book wrapped like the book so we could play a game of “Guess That Book“, which turned out to be  a lot of fun. People BROUGHT it! We had to throw in some classics so we’d all stand a better chance. But now I’m going to leave it up to you to “Guess that book!” (answers after the jump).  Balloonbabyshower-14Balloonbabyshower-143

Any guesses yet? If you don’t get the one above, you might have trouble with the rest…
children's book baby showerBalloonbabyshower-106Balloonbabyshower-16

Any guesses yet? Well, take a look below to check them all out.

Photography by Melissa Leavitt  |  Books provided by Chronicle Books 
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Style + This Girl / Friday, 17 Apr 2015

This Girl


This girl spends her days at farmers markets and her nights at tablaos. It was Javier who first taught her how dance the flamenco, after sharing a carafe of Spanish wine on a balmy evening in Barcelona. On summer days, they play croquet and take occasional dips in the Mediterranean. For lunch, he grills mussels in their shells and drizzles them with béarnaise sauce–for dessert, she makes fresh raspberry tart and créme anglaise. They still love to dance, and tonight, this girl will slip on her new blue dress and sway to the rhythms of the Spanish guitar into the small hours.
text by Lauren Bledsoe 
Images: This Girl  |  Plays  |  Eats

Design + Life + Style / Monday, 23 Mar 2015

Vintage Whites Market & other Utah craft and vintage fairs 2015

Vintage shopping with The House that Lars Built

Last weekend I attended the Vintage Whites Market early shopping event with my friend Melissa Leavitt. Melissa is an AVID attender of early shopping events for flea markets and she convinced me that I needed to make it a priority. It didn’t take much convincing because Vintage Whites is one of my favorite vintage markets in Utah. They’ve been bringing their vintage market to Utah for the past 3 years and each year it somehow gets better and better. If you remember, last year I taught a paper flower wreath workshop there and it was jam packed full of shoppers beating me to some fabulous finds. But I learned a secret this year…pay the extra money for early access. It’s worth it guys! Elbow swinging room, live music from Mindy Gledhill and first pick at cross-stitched flamingo art.

Exhibit A: 

Vintage shopping with The House that Lars Built

It might be one of my all-time favorite purchases. They belonged to me.

And I ran into some fab ladies who love vintage just as much as we do. Vintage shopping with The House that Lars BuiltVintage shopping with The House that Lars Built

And this lovely lady here, Duchess Hot Chocolate, might be the most charming person you’ve ever met in your life. She’s from England and speaks to you as if you’re a long lost friend. Everyone deserves to eat her delicious, homemade hot cocoa. Everyone. Plus, it’s on the cutest bicycle you’ve ever seen (and psssst: You can hire her for your own events!). Double whammy. I’m desperately trying to get her to bring her chocolate to Midsummer Mingle. Crossed fingers!

Vintage shopping with The House that Lars BuiltVintage shopping with The House that Lars Built

My new favorite vintage seller this year was Lacy Dresses Vintage and her mother’s shop Why Naught Shop. They sell the most gorgeous vintage pieces. Like, good quality pieces that you’ll want to invest in. I loved her immediately. And I now want to dye my hair white and get a bob. She was selling this dress that had the most perfect print for The House That Lars Built. Can you see why?! I want to do something inspired by this print. Sadly, the dress made me look a little too much like pioneer, otherwise I would have bought it in a heartbeat.

Vintage shopping with The House that Lars BuiltScreen Shot 2015-03-22 at 6.22.13 PMVintage shopping with The House that Lars BuiltVintageWhites-10Vintage shopping with The House that Lars BuiltVintage shopping with The House that Lars BuiltPhotography by Melissa Leavitt Photography 

I love shopping vintage and thought it might be nice to collect all the Utah craft and vintage markets information in one spot so you can mark your calendars. See below for the full list. And if you don’t see one on the list, it’s probably because I need to know about it. Let my know my leaving a comment! or email me at

Happy vintaging!

And stay tuned for an article from vintage shopping experts on some tricks and tips on how to shop vintage.

Dress from here  |  Shoes from here  |  Tights from here 

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