Style + This Girl / Tuesday, 9 Apr 2013

This girl

Because it’s snowing today, I’m feeling the need for coziness. This girl has coziness down.

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DIY + flowers + paper + Projects / Friday, 5 Apr 2013

Best paper flowers

I’m amazed at all the paper flowers I’ve been spotting around lately. I need to step up my game! Here are some of my favorites to try out for some spring bouquets this weekend.

  1. white paper roses
  2. Possibly my favorite paper flowers. So fun! 
  3. Amy Merrick mixed West Elm’s paper flowers and real flowers
  4. Thuss and Farrell
  5. paper flower tulips
  6. Watercolor paper flowers
  7. Crepe paper flowers
  8. Lia Griffith’s rose wedding bouquet
  9. Carnation paper flowers
  10. Lia Griffith’s roses
  11. gorgeous water color peony crepe paper flowers
  12. crepe paper bouquet
  13. Thuss and Farrell
  14. My oversized paper flowers
  15. Lia Griffith’s anenome

Katie Farber + Outfit to room + Style / Wednesday, 3 Apr 2013

Outfit to room

Outfit  |  sofa  |  chair  |  pillow  |  rug   |  lamp
by Katie Farber of This, That & The Other

Life + press / Tuesday, 2 Apr 2013

Mollie Makes!

Gah! I just received Issue 25 of Mollie Makes magazine and guess who’s inside? 
EEEEEK! Crazy! I was so flattered when they asked me in for a “tea and chat”, as only the English can do. It’s a Q & A column with artists/designers and I have no idea how I got thrown in the mix. They gave a sneak peek on their blog a couple of weeks ago with this image, which I think is one of my favorites:
This shoot was the very last one I did with Amanda Thomsen before leaving Copenhagen and I must say, the preparations for it were the so stressful and frankly, awful. I remember it was raining for the week leading up to it and as I gathered props for it around town I had to lug it all on my bike back and forth and back and forth. I don’t recall being a happy camper. And the shoot itself was a stressful too because we had no light in the apartment and we were fighting it the whole time. But Amanda is the best so it turned out great. And Charlotte Rivers of Lottie Loves did the interviewing and she is the best, so all is well.

I noticed that Barnes & Noble and Joann’s Fabric sell Mollie Makes. I don’t know if issue 25 is on stands yet, but check it out! It’s a great craft resource from the UK.

There were some really great shops around Copenhagen that let me borrow some props and I have to give them a shout out: Carmen, is a darling vintage shop, FN92, an amazing vintage dress shop, and Butikk Nø. Thank you thank you thank you! And thank you to Josh for helping out that day. And a huge thank you to Maria of Wallnut. Thank you thank you! 

OH and also! Congrats to Amanda! You are the winner of the Cheer Up Mouse giveaway! I’ll be contacting you shortly.

Europe + Life + travel / Monday, 1 Apr 2013

The Sound of Music tour

Preface: April Fool’s day is possibly my favorite holiday. But I’ve got nothin this year. FAIL! No need to read with caution.
Melinda came to visit me in Copenhagen in August (only 8 months ago. I’m way on top of life) and she asked, “where do you want to go while I’m there?” I had only one suggestion: THE SOUND OF MUSIC TOUR in Austria. Melinda knows Vienna (here’s the Vienna review) quite well and hadn’t been to Salzburg, so she, too, was all about it. Of course, we knew we had to wear outfits appropriate for the tour, but I didn’t have time to make outfits from cut-out curtains so I had to make due with a floral skirt. Melinda had found this divine yellow two-piece ensemble at FN92, a vintage shop in Copenhagen, that reads “mixed pickles” so, obviously, that was a given.
I grew up on The Sound of Music and I suspect a lot of you did too. I mean, did you imagine yourself running through fields singing “The hills are alive” or putting on puppet shows yodeling? I bet so. In other words, this was a dream come true.

Fun fact: my uncle was originally cast in the film role of Frederick, the oldest boy. Sadly, they found a boy at the lats minute who had a real British accent. Blast you authenticity! 
I had been dead set on doing the Sound of Music bus tour, but after reading the Yelp reviews, we weren’t so certain anymore. They were so across the board. We  looked into the walking tour with The Sound of Trudy, but she was all sold out for the day we were there. We decided to gamble on the bus situation and ended up on Panorama bus tour, the original. The tours are frequent and down to a science. I forget the name of our tour guide, but you can tell had had done led the tour millions of time joked after calculated joke. But I LOVED it. I ate it up. The bus takes you to the two houses that are used as the front and back facades, the gazebo of 16 going on 17, the chapel where Maria and the Captain are married, past the Red Bull headquarters (highlight!), and winding through the Alps with great views of the lake and flower-boxed houses (remember this post?). Oh, and a gladiola farm. HEAVEN (minus the Red Bull, that’s all the April Fool’s jokes you’ll get today from me).

Was it worth it, you ask? Definitely. Would I recommend it? YUP! Again, the reviews on Yelp were so mixed up that I can imagine a bad tour guide could happen, but who cares?! You’re in Salzburg with the Von Trapps? You’ll get caught up. Oh, and did I mention at the end of the tour while you’re cruising back to Salzburg, the guide puts on the soundtrack and you sing. I mean, I sang, I couldn’t really hear anyone else. But the girl from China came up afterwards and congratulated me on my voice. All I could say was, “I know it quite well”. This was only a day trip from Vienna, a lovely 3 hour train ride, and if I were to go back I might spend the night and do more Mozart stuff, because I also love him.

The End.