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DIY + Projects + tabletop / Tuesday, 24 Apr 2018

DIY Painted Cardboard Vases

DIY Painted Cardboard Vases

This tablescape was inspired by traditional blue and white porcelain that seems to never go out of style. The earlier versions of white pottery with blue glazed motifs have been found in 9th century present-day Iraq. China began their own renditions in the 14th century and the trend finally caught on in Europe in the 18th century. Can you believe it’s still popular today?! We wanted to make a paper version as a cheap and quirky alternative to the real thing. Enter: DIY Painted Cardboard Vases. We recycled cardboard boxes to cut out some traditional vase forms and then painted them to give them some real character! You could paint more traditional designs such as plant and botanical patterns, or make them a bit artsier. Here, we were inspired by the work of Danielle Kroll for our patterns. Easy, cheap, and sure to make a statement!

See how we made the vases and shop the entire tablescape!

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Life + Projects / Friday, 5 Jan 2018

Top 10 posts of 2017

Top ten posts of 2017Last year at this time we were just about to start photographing our new book (out this year!) and life was CHAOTIC! The book had been something we had been planning for a number of months, years really, but even with planning, the load was much more intense than any of us could have been prepared for. And though the actual shoot was only two weeks (and many of those round the clock), it dipped into our February and March and April and…let’s just call it a very involved project. And then for some crazy reason we decided to take on another book project later in the year, which mostly finished up while I was on my trip to France in October, but is yes, still going on 😉 This is all to say that the tone of 2016 was set with chaos and it took awhile for me to get in the normal swing of things. Whatever normal means.  Read on →

baby + Baby shower + Life + Party / Tuesday, 28 Nov 2017

My Baby Shower

Brittany's Baby Shower

I feel like the luckiest lady in all the land! A couple of weeks ago, the ladies here at the office threw me a baby shower with all the bells and whistles. It was so sweet. No literally, it was VERY sweet. We had delicious sweet waffles along with all the treats a pregnant girl could want. There wasn’t one savory dish on the menu. Ha! It was right up my alley. It was so wonderful to celebrate our baby boy amongst the company of those I get to work with who I love so much. It’s always so overwhelming to have people spend time and efforts on you. Like, how do you thank them? In a blog post, of course! 😉 Thank you so much to the ladies I love for all the love that went into this shower. This baby (and mama!) feel so loved!

Check out all the details of the baby shower (along with my huge bump!)!

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Design + DIY + Interiors / Wednesday, 25 Oct 2017

One Room Challenge Week 4: DIY Wall Moldings with Metrie

DIY Wall Moldings with Metrie

A bit of news to start off with: One Room Challenge is being extended an additional week! Due to the many natural disasters that have occurred recently in Texas, Florida, and California, our timeline has been extended. Definitely not a great reason to have to extend, but selfishly, this means more design ideas, more inspiration, and more time to make a masterpiece. Check out weeks one, two, and three. This week we’re tackling DIY Wall Moldings with Metrie!

This week we have been knee deep in renovation chaos! Tearing out baseboards is no easy task. However, if we can do it, you can do it! Throughout this One Room Challenge, we have wanted to do as much of the manual labor ourselves as possible. Of course, some things are best left to the pros (Hello electricians), but many things can be a DIY project if you’re willing to put the time and energy into it! So we put our big girl pants on and decided to attempt DIY Wall Moldings with Metrie supplies coming to our aid! It’s an ongoing process, but so far so good! I’ve created some easy tips and tricks for those of you who want to transform your space with wall moldings! It really is one of the easiest ways to really make an impact and transform a room.

We’ve included a few more inspirations pictures we referenced to get our wheels turning. There are so many possibilities when it comes to molding, and the results are high impact! Luckily Metrie makes it easy with Option {M} which are interior molding and door combinations that reflect current decor trends, making decisions easier on you!

Take a stab at your own molding masterpiece!

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Design + Projects / Wednesday, 11 Oct 2017

One Room Challenge week 2

We have joined 20 bloggers (see the full list below!) for the biannual One Room Challenge. Join us for 6 weeks as we show the start to finish of our office makeover! 

Last week I announced our participation in the One Room Challenge and showed some ahem, glorious, before photos of our office that we will be renovating. We got a late start on the challenge so we are in massive make-up mode over here, not to mention it’s our busiest time of the year plus two major deadlines this week. Doesn’t this crisis mode always seems to happen at the same time every year? Or maybe just every 3 months? 1 month?

I wanted to start with some inspiration for the room like this one above. Read on →