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Design + DIY + Home + House + Interiors / Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Lars’ Favorite wallpapers and a sneak peek of the book!

Best wallpapers

One of our top posts of all-time is our Guide to Where to Buy Wallpapers and I’m so glad because it’s a post I spent a long time creating. It’s meant to be helpful for when you’re selecting your own–personally, I cannot wait for that day! It can be rather hard to come across the good stuff. Wallpaper is one of my favorite design elements for a home and something I dream about nearly every day so when I was making preparations for our book, I focused a lot on selecting the right ones for the feeling we were going for. I thought it would be helpful once again to see where we sourced the wallpapers we chose for the book, so consider this both a #sneakpeek and a #helpfulguide.

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Book Club + Design / Friday, 6 Jan 2017

Lars Book Club: January

The Art of the Handwritten Note Happy New Year, Lars readers! So glad you’re here to join us for another year. And if you’re just joining the Lars Book Club, welcome! We’ll have some lovely, artistic, enlightening, fun, and thoughtful reads throughout the year. Read on →

gift guides + Life / Wednesday, 14 Dec 2016

Brittany’s Wish List

Brittany's wish list

Did you ever write Santa a letter letting him know you’ve been good? Followed, of course, by the long list of toys you hoped would appear on Christmas day as rewards for said good behavior. You’d send it off to the North Pole, very confident you’d see being seeing those gifts soon under the tree. Don’t you wish it still worked that way? I know I do. So instead I’m letting you all know that I’ve been really good this year in case you want to reward me! HA! Just kidding. I do still enjoy compiling wish lists… or pinterest boards… of lovely and beautiful things to inspire and swoon over. I figured I’d share all the pretties with you in case you need some gift ideas for others! Or a little reward for yourself for being good this year 😉 Take a look!

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paper + Projects / Friday, 11 Nov 2016

10 awesome origami projects

Happy National Origami Day! We’ve been on a major origami kick lately if you couldn’t tell. Origami is such a fun way to take something flat and ordinary like paper and make it into something 3D and exceptional. It may seem intimidating because you have to be so exact, but I find that if you do it as a meditative exercise, it’s much better.  Check out some of our past origami projects and give one a try yourself on this National Origami Day! Read on →

Life / Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Survey says!

pie chart cookies

A few weeks ago we asked for your feedback and boy did you give it to us! Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey. I know everyone loves a good survey ;). Actually, I quite like taking surveys. I always know all the answers. Ha! Self esteem booster!

I hadn’t given one in some time here on Lars so it was quite helpful to hear your thoughts about what’s going on here. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that a lot of you are long time readers, or at least a lot of you who participated in the survey are, so hello, long time friends! Thanks for sticking with me after all this time. You’ve been very patient with me as I learn what Lars is and isn’t. It’s gone through several metamorphoses. And to those who are new, get comfy. It’s nice to have you here.

In a lot of ways I feel totally guided to do what I do. Guided by something other than my own will, because if it was up to me and common sense I would have quit ages ago. It requires too much time, too much work and for a long time, NO way to support my livelihood. Luckily, I have a good support system behind me. That’s you, you guys. THANK YOU!

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