Life / Friday, 1 Mar 2019

March book club: A Big Important Art Book

Hi readers! March brings us to the start of spring (hooray!), but also a certain day we’d love to mention: International Women’s Day, which is March 8th. To celebrate the women around this world, we chose a book that does just that—A Big Important Art Book (Now With Women!) by Danielle Krysa. Creator of The Jealous Curator blog, Krysa is an author extraordinaire and talented artist herself. In this book, she shares the profiles of more than 45 female artists from around the world, giving us fabulous ideas on how WE can become artists as well! Depending on how long you’ve been reading with Lars Book Club, you might know that Danielle Krysa is a much-loved author here. We’ve read Your Inner Critic Is a Big Jerk a couple years ago, and we’re happy to feature another of her books this month! Follow along @larsbookclub and stay tuned for artwork later this month. Enjoy!

Head over to @LarsBookClub to enter to win a copy of the book in our giveaway!

Life + Uncategorized / Thursday, 28 Feb 2019

Featured Illustrator: Patti Blau

I’m pleased to introduce you to our featured illustrator of the month, Patti Blau. Patti designed the poster and bookmark for our Book Club this month. I was first attracted to her work because of the beautiful fashion portraits she creates. I knew she’d be the perfect person to tap into the vibe of Umbrellas of Cherbourg. She has an interesting story to tell and I loved reading more about her (especially her closeness with Jean Michel Basquiat!).

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Design + Life / Wednesday, 27 Feb 2019

Lars for Wildbird

I’m pleased to share our new collaboration with sling favorite, Lars for Wildbird! The collection launches TONIGHT at 7pm MST. They have a tendency to sell out fast so I’d suggest setting your timers!

Jasper spent the first few months of his napping on us in a sling ONLY. It was the hugest lifesaver. Now that Jasper is super mobile (waaa!) and doesn’t like to be contained too much (or at all) we use it when traveling (remember our trip to Mexico?) and when we need to get stuff done around the house and he’s in the mood for a cuddle.

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Design + Life + Projects / Tuesday, 26 Feb 2019

February Book Club: Umbrellas of Cherbourg poster and bookmark

Hello readers! Did you watch The Umbrellas of Cherbourg? How did you like watching and discussing a movie, for a change? Although we do love books, we hope it was a fun deviation from the “norm”. If you liked it, maybe we’ll do it again! We’ve got some questions below for you, some of which we may have asked or will chat about on Instagram—have you been following along? There are just so many colorful images to share!
Our fantastic featured illustrator this month is Patti Blau who designed a gorgeous printable poster and bookmark to go along with the movie. Yes, we know you don’t necessarily need a bookmark for a movie, BUT we kept with tradition. You’ll be learning more a Patti in an interview on Thursday, but for now, enjoy her beautiful artwork.

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Life / Monday, 25 Feb 2019

New St. Patrick’s Day items to the shop!

We’ve purposefully slow in adding items to our shop so that we can ensure that we do them really well–thank you for your patience as we experiment! And I’m pleased to say that our Valentine Shop was a hit (and don’t forget to take advantage of our sale going on right now!)! Thank you thank you!

We know that we have a large group of makers, which is why you come to our site, but we also know that we have a lot of people who “don’t want to make anything–can I just buy it?” and we are actively working to do that for you!

In the spirit of celebrating holidays, let us not forget about the green in all of us–St. Patrick’s Day. As you might recall, I recently found out that I’m WAY more Irish than ever ever thought (read about it here) so clearly, I must pay homage to my people. We made some really adorable pins to wear to help you avoid getting pinched on the big day–March 17th. But, they’re so cute, personally, I’d wear them year round. Who doesn’t want to carry some luck around with them?
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