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collaborations + Design + Life + my shop / Friday, 12 Dec 2014

New dinnerware collections out today!

Remember the little teaser I gave a few months back about my new dinnerware collections with Twig NY? Well, today’s the day! The online shop is OPEN NOW and you can now purchase the three collections I’ve designed.

I’ve been a big fan of plates and dinnerware since I was a girl. When my family went on road trips I would buy those tacky souvenir plates and hang them on my walls. There’s something about a circular design in ceramic that just gets me. Then during my internship with Celerie Kemble in NYC, she asked me to design a plate for her Tiffany and Co. collaboration and I was over the moon. How did she know about my love affair?! When I moved to Denmark I thought I would pursue it a bit more, which is when I created the line of souvenirs for the royal wedding in plates and mugs. I’ve learned so so much since then and I was so pleased when I was asked to create for Twig.

The first in the collection is Petals. As you are hopefully well aware by now, I love flowers. Like, I LOVE flowers. And I love color (hence, craft the rainbow) and this is the ultimate Craft the Rainbow! Rainbow petals! It’s wild and loud yet so so pretty. It actually looks as if you’re about to devour petals for dinner. It comes in a salad plate, dinner plate, platter, soup bowl, and mug. But I think they would be so so rad as decoration or in a plate collection on a wall. I use the 8″ plate right now as a caddy to hold my keys and stuff. It’s a unique design as it’s totally flat.

The next up is the Scandinavian Florals collection. This is based on my calendar, which I sell in my Etsy shop and I loved transferring it into a series of dinnerware. They’re so delicate yet interesting in their patterns. It comes in a platter, dinner plate, salad plate, cereal bowl, mug, and cup and saucer.

Finally, the Language of Flowers collection. This is based on my Language of Flowers calendar in my shop as well. It comes in a platter, dinner plate, salad plate, dessert plate, salad bowl, cereal bowl, and mug.

What do you think?! Are you into dinnerware? Hopefully you still have some room in your Christmas shopping 🙂 In the coming months I’ll be showing how I style my plates in a few different settings (these were styled by Twig’s creatives). 

Life + This week / Sunday, 16 Nov 2014

This week

Hello from the arctic circle. Or at least that’s how it felt this week. You know how I feel about cold weather–not good (an understatement). But highlights of the week were teaching a wreath workshop at Albion Fit in Salt Lake to a sold out crowd, see above image. I love getting together to craft.

I have a busy week ahead as I’m doing two window displays for the holidays. Wish me luck! It’s a huge endeavor and I’m hoping it goes smoothly.

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This week, stay tuned for a fun Thanksgiving tradition to start.

ALSO, the winner of the Freshly Picked giveaway is @justcallmesusie.  Thank you to everyone for playing! 

DIY + Food + Projects + valentine's day / Monday, 5 Feb 2018

Sprinkle Me Cupcake Topper

Sprinkle Me Cupcake Topper

Sprinkles make everything better. Place two treats side by side, one with sprinkles and the other without, and chances are you’ll take the sprinkled one! It’s just so much more appealing than a plain jane treat. They act like edible confetti; Adding just the right amount of sugar, color, and whimsy. Just what you want for a Valentine’s Day treat! With that sentiment in mind, we created the Sprinkle Me Cupcake Topper so everyone can enjoy the satisfaction that comes from pouring sprinkles all over your cupcake! Taking a nod from Alice and Wonderland, we made a “sprinkle me” flag to attach to the toothpick, giving the recipient the OK to snip the heart and pour those glorious little sprinkles all over! No need for restraint! Perfect for children and the child within us all, make the Sprinkle Me Cupcake Topper for all your Valentines this year!

Sprinkle Me Cupcake Topper

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DIY + flowers + Party + Projects / Thursday, 21 Dec 2017

Rose Parade Tablescape

DIY Rose Parade tablescape

Are you familiar with the Rose Parade? Every year my family would watch the Rose Parade in all its glory. Never mind the Rose Bowl which happens on the same day. Who needs football when you’ve got a magical festival of flowers? The floats have to be completely covered with flowers or natural materials like leaves, seeds, or bark. In addition to floats, there are marching bands, equestrian units, and a royal court. Guys, this is an American pastime! Naturally, we had to create a Rose Parade tablescape since we did one for the Macy’s Day Parade!

Rose Parade Tablescape

Gather your girlfriends together to make mini floats covered with brightly colored flowers! The floats line the center of an otherwise all-white tablescape in honor of the “White Suitors” aka: all the men and women who volunteer and make the parade possible wear crisp white uniforms. This is a classy occasion, folks! It’d be great as a New Year’s Eve dinner or a brunch on the day of.

FTD was kind enough to provide all the beautiful flowers (like this bouquet!)  to transform our floats with! So start prepping for the new year, because a Rose Parade Tablescape is the best way!

Get the full how-to for the Rose Parade Tablescape!

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Costumes + halloween + Projects + Style / Wednesday, 4 Oct 2017

5 mama and baby costumes

Russian nesting doll mommy and baby costume Artist and palette mommy and baby costumeHalloween is fast approaching and there are few holidays I like more! Spooky and creepy may not seem like the name of the game here at Lars, but we love to go all out! What’s more fun than dressing up?! You’ve probably heard that I’m pregnant (yeah, that’s the bump under my dresses, folks), 24 weeks to be exact, so naturally, we have babies on the brain here! We’ve teamed up with Solly Baby this Halloween season to create 5 amazing costumes for moms and their little ones along with their daily giveaways on Instagram! Each costume has a component for the mom and then a way to dress up the Solly wrap in a coordinating costume for their baby. We are so thrilled with how they all turned out! And even if you don’t have a babe to tote around on Halloween, these costumes would still be amazing! I’m having a hard time choosing, but I think I’m going to go with the Russian doll costume myself! But who knows! They’re all so good!Mushroom and garden gnome baby and mommy costume Chiquita and banana mommy and baby costumeStork and package mommy and baby costume

Check out all the looks and start planning your costume! I’d love to know which one is your favorite? 

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