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Life / Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Survey says!

pie chart cookies

A few weeks ago we asked for your feedback and boy did you give it to us! Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey. I know everyone loves a good survey ;). Actually, I quite like taking surveys. I always know all the answers. Ha! Self esteem booster!

I hadn’t given one in some time here on Lars so it was quite helpful to hear your thoughts about what’s going on here. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that a lot of you are long time readers, or at least a lot of you who participated in the survey are, so hello, long time friends! Thanks for sticking with me after all this time. You’ve been very patient with me as I learn what Lars is and isn’t. It’s gone through several metamorphoses. And to those who are new, get comfy. It’s nice to have you here.

In a lot of ways I feel totally guided to do what I do. Guided by something other than my own will, because if it was up to me and common sense I would have quit ages ago. It requires too much time, too much work and for a long time, NO way to support my livelihood. Luckily, I have a good support system behind me. That’s you, you guys. THANK YOU!

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Design + Life + Party + Projects / Monday, 4 Jan 2016

Top 10 reader favorites of 2015

Back to life. Back to reality. 

Has it hit you yet? We’re in 2016! Welcome!

I, for one, haven’t yet grasped the concept of a new year as I feel like I’m still recuperating from 2015. BUT, I have done a good deal of reflecting on goals and such, which I’ll share in the next post. I want to kick off the new year with you, dear readers. Here are YOUR 10 favorite posts from the past year as indicated by page views. I have to agree, they’re some of my favorites too!


  1. Paper plants
  2. Cardboard cacti
  3. Complete list of where to buy wallpapers
  4. Upcycled lampshade vases
  5. Fruit wrapping
  6. Tortured artist Halloween party
  7. Gingerbread house gift boxes
  8. Paper flower garland
  9. Guide to colorful walls in Utah
  10. Balloon centerpiece

christmas + Design + gift guides + holiday / Monday, 1 Dec 2014

Christmas decor for your home

Tell me! How was your Thanksgiving weekend? I was home for the weekend getting to know my little new niece, Wynne. Oh man, that sweet little thing is nourishment for the soul.

The holidays are fully on my mind and I’m dreaming of a colorful, whimsical Christmas. Here are some of my favorite choices to decorate the home for the holidays. Wouldn’t a pink tree be so rad?! I like to mix it up with a healthy dose of color intermixed with some more neutral elements like white lights. It keeps it from looking too gaudy. Colorful bulbs on a colorful tree would be especially rad.

How are you decorating for the holidays???

  1. Zig zig stocking (love the texture!)
  2. Wishing star pom garland (wouldn’t this be beautiful on a tree or on a mantle?!)
  3. Blue and silver ribbed onion ornament
  4. Mercury glass globe wreath
  5. Clear bistro lights
  6. Fresh cedar star wreath
  7. Geometric wooden ornaments
  8. Glass globe ornament in such gorgeous colors
  9. Warm white faceted lights
  10. Colorful sisal trees (so sweet on a mantle or centerpiece)
  11. Wishbone ornament
  12. Miniature rainbow bulb set (perfect for #crafttherainbow, eh?!)
  13. String of lights (ON SALE!)
  14. Adorable mushroom sculptures
  15. Jade glass globe 
  16. Sisal swan ornament
  17. Felt mistletoe
  18. Gold glass spire tree topper
  19. Pink Christmas tree (WANT!)
  20. Copper tree skirt (So classy. I love this option over a fabric tree skirt).

giveaway + Life + Style / Saturday, 8 Feb 2014

Tie giveaway

I’ve talked about QP Collections before (here and here) and now I’m pleased to do a giveaway with them just in time for Valentine’s Day. Because who has a gift for their guy yet??? (don’t answer). QP does THE BEST ties for guys. I’m talking lovely florals…ok your guy doesn’t do florals? You’re not along. They have madras, linens, and a Santa Fe line that I’m dying over.

To enter:
1. “Like” The House That Lars Built on Facebook or Instagram @houselarsbuilt and sign up for QP Collections newsletter (sign up at bottom of home page).
2. Leave a comment telling how you’ve entered and which tie you would choose if you’re the winner.
2. Last day to enter is Monday (so it can arrive by Valentine’s Day).

AND, he’s offering 15% off to everyone. Use the code LARSBUILT15 at checkout.

Good luck!