DIY + Party + Projects / Friday, 3 Aug 2018

Watermelon Round-Up

Watermelon crafts

There are few things more refreshing than watermelon on a hot day, and lately, every day seems to require more watermelon than the day before (it’s been so hot here!). Here at Lars, we’ve loved seeing so many watermelon products, DIY’s, and recipes floating around the web this summer, and turns out, we are not the only ones who are obsessed. Apparently, August 3rd is national watermelon day, and we’re all about celebrating random holidays. So we created a Watermelon Round-Up of our favorite watermelon-inspired products, recipes, and projects to help you celebrate! Read on →

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baby + Baby shower + Design + Life + printable / Thursday, 2 Aug 2018

Registering for baby and printable baby shower invitations

How to create a baby registryThe moment I found out I was pregnant I started searching for a place to create a baby registry. Ha! How’s that for wasting no time! Clearly, I was pretty stoked. For me, a registry was less about asking friends for gifts (because how uncomfortable is that?!) and more about gathering all the products for baby in one central location in order to provide friends and family a quick and easy way to locate helpful gifts. These days I’m all about saving time for everyone! Time efficiency is my love language.

After doing some snooping around on the webs, I realized that I didn’t want a registry from just one shop because it’s too limiting and I didn’t like the idea of registering at many shops (“the new mom is registered at so and so, and so and so, and so and so”, so awkward!) plus I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep track of it all. In my searching, I came across Babylist, which advertised as a one-stop baby registry from anywhere on the web. That’s PRECISELY what I was looking for…and I didn’t even know it!

Sign up for babylist

I used Babylist throughout my pregnancy and beyond. In fact, I still use it to gather items together (and I’ll tell you why below). I even forced my sister to go and sign up right away too when she announced she was pregnant over Christmas. It’s never too early to start! I have a tendency to forget items that I said I would always remember once it’s finally time to note them down. Does that ever happen to you?

Anyway, I loved the service so much that I reached out to them to see if they’d want to partner and I’m so thrilled that it’s worked out so I can offer you painless registry experience solution with a heartfelt endorsement! SCORE!

Not only that! No, no, along with my encouragement to sign up for Babylist (do yourself a favor!), I’m also offering a FREE PRINTABLE baby shower invitation. We created it for my sister’s baby shower that we threw in June and I LOVE how it turned out. We had an Alexander Girard theme complete with a baby block accordion invitations and they are SOOOO cute.

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Design + Projects / Wednesday, 1 Aug 2018

DIY origami lampshade

Origami lampshade from Paper Craft Home

I’m inspired by the clever work of UK based paper artist, Sarah Louise Matthews, and I was thrilled to find that she has released a paper craft book called, Paper Craft Home, which is available now! It features 25 projects to cut, fold, and shape. I already dog-eared the heck out of mine! It’s great for both beginners and advanced crafters so you can find a little something for everyone. Today she’s sharing a tutorial from the book, the origami lamp shade, which is actually similar in concept to a project from our book, Craft the Rainbow, with a different spin.

Strictly speaking, this lampshade isn’t origami, but it’s a great project to put your paper-folding skills to the test. Once you break the folding down into a step of valley folds followed by a step of mountain folds, it is fairly straightforward, and when mastered, you will be making bespoke lampshades for every room in the house!

Origami lampshade from Paper Craft Home

See the full tutorial below! 

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Design + Life / Tuesday, 31 Jul 2018

August desktop wallpaper calendar

August 2018 desktop calendarAugust 1st is tomorrow in case you’ve lost track of the days this summer–I know I have! Time just seems to blur together with this never-ending heat streak we’ve been riding! I’m loving this floral and foliage pattern for August. The color scheme seems to capture the hot, lazy days of summer perfectly. Long live summer! This artwork was created by the wonderful Monica (Lynch) Dorazewski, who recently got married! Congratulations, Monica!

August 2018 desktop calendar

Get the free downloads for August! Read on →

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Projects / Monday, 30 Jul 2018

2D Cardboard Vases

2D Cardboard Vase

A little while ago we made some DIY Painted cardboard vases inspired by traditional blue and white ones. We loved them but then we thought, we need to make some that can actually hold something! So behold the upgrade: 2D Cardboard Vases! These are an easy project to whip up in just a few hours. To create, you basically follow the same course of action you would take to create a pinata, but on a smaller scale. All you need is cardboard, tape, hot glue, and paint! We styled ours with spray painted leaves and branches we foraged in our backyard, but now they’re currently holding paintbrushes and pencils! You could fill them with fresh flowers by slipping a small jar filled with water inside the cardboard vase first.

Let’s get started on some 2D Cardboard Vases!

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