3 ways to arrange lilacs

I’m back from the East Coast and now I’ve had a bit of time to detox now and enjoy the Utah spring. It’s GORGEOUS! The cherry blossom stage is done here, but the lilacs are in full bloom and you know I love me some lilacs (my ode to Danish lilacs should make me embarrassed, but I’m shameless) Thanks to our unknowingly generous next door neighbors, I snagged some lilacs for every room in our house. Oopsies. As much as I love seeing flowers in their natural state, I think it’s such a shame not to enjoy it inside too, so…call me a thief with no shame. I know lilacs are donzo in California but maybe they’re still going at it where you are? Take advantage of them. Snag some! Here are three ways to arrange them, no professional flower arranging skills needed.
1. Lilacs arranged in one big vase. The beauty of lilacs is that they are clumpy so they naturally fall in a beautiful, full way. Mine is sitting on my table for all the smell and enjoy.
2. One lilac stem in a teeny tiny vase. I got this “vase”, which is actually a battery jar from the original Thomas Edison company, from the local antique store. Isn’t it adorable? I placed it on my owl side table, which you can’t really see, but it’s awesome and should make an appearance in the future.
3. Lilac clumps in a mug. I took off all the leaves from these lilacs and stuck them in my brand new mugs by Michelle Christensen of My Little Belleville. She paints them and sells these on her Etsy shop here.
He’s too precious.


Supplies: To achieve this look, you’ll want a collection of vases in various sizes. I love using jars, those battery jars I mentioned above, mugs, cans, pickle jars, peanut butter jars. I only own one real vase from Ikea. You’ll also need flower cutters, lilacs, and floral tape if you really want to be fancy. I didn’t use floral tape here because they worked out without it. The floral tape is to create a grid across the tops of the jars to make sure they even spread out.

To arrange the flowers: Start by criss-crossing the flowers and then inserting the subsequent stems at angles. This will help them keep their shape.

Easy squeezy. Do you have lilacs where you live? I don’t ever remember seeing them in Orange County growing up so moving to DC where it grows like weeds, was a revelation.

Spring, I love you.



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