How to make an envelope pillowcase in 5 minutes

Photography by Meta Coleman of One More Mushroom 
Blogging hiatus. Check! Just in time to reveal another episode of the Laura Ashley blog. Last time I made a camera strap from one of their scarves, and this time I did an envelope pillowcase from one of their anniversary fabrics, Emma, which is basically the easiest and fastest thing in the world. Laura Ashley is celebrating 60 years this year and they are doing a giveaway every day until September 30th, and you could potentially win a trip to England. Please and thank you! Enter here.
Supplies: fabric (I used the lovely Laura Ashley Emma pattern in camomile, my favorite), pillow insert, sewing machine, scissors, thread
To measure the fabric: Wrap the fabric around the pillow.  Then extend the fabric a quarter of the length of one side of the pillow more. Make sure you like how the pattern is positioned on the front side of the pillow and adjust as necessary. Cut the fabric length. To determine the width, measure the width of the cushion and add ½” on both sides.  You want the pillow cover to be snug. You will sew the width at 1/4″ in from the edge of the fabric.
  1. Fold and iron both the short edges (width) ¼” down and then ¼” down again. Sew a straight line across.
  2. You will now determine where you want the placement of your insert by placing the pillow insert on the fabric. Bring one side of the fabric over the insert. I set my edge about three quarters of the way down the pillow.
  3. Bring the other side of the fabric over the insert covering about three quarters of the insert. Note where you make these folds by ironing the fabric flat once you have removed the insert.
  4. Turn the case inside out and fold along the creased lines. Sew straight along the edge of both sides  1/4″ in from the edge of the fabric.

Head on over to Laura Ashley to check it all out.

And thank you Meta for working with me on this! And a fun fact: she designed and manufactures this bed, called the Henrik bed! The coolest, right? It comes in natural, natural with dip dyed legs, and white. It’s such a lovely, minimal bed that is SO easy to put together. It literally takes 30 seconds or less. Check it out here.



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