You’ve seen this one before, but it’s become a (self-imposed) classic. My 2014 Language of Flowers calendar is out now! If you’re unfamiliar with it, it’s based on the Victorian language of flowers, where every flower means something different. The wreath contains a variety of flowers that each spells out a sentence in a love letter. I only divulge the contents of the letter once you receive the calendar in the mail. Because I’m tricky like that. Muhahaha.

I decided to add a big of gold glam to my accessories for the shoot so I DIY’d this bull dog clip with gold leaf and the picture frame from yesterday’s post (I had to, I didn’t realize it takes 2 weeks to get a frame back! I’m a professional procrastinator). The frame was a find from Michael’s and I just gold leafed the outside edge. 
How to gold-leaf a bull dog clip: (I found the directions the kit provided to not be extensive. You had to guess at a lot of things)
Materials: bull dog clip (like this one), gold-leaf kit (like this one), paint brush
Step 1: Paint the bull dog clip with the basecoat from the kit (not indicated in the directions in the kit) and wait for it to dry.
Step 2: Paint the adhesive onto the desired surfaces and wait a half hour to become sticky.
Step 3: You’ll use one whole sheet on this bull dog clip. I applied mine like a blanket onto the clip and then went in and secured it into the angles of the clip.
Step 4: Continue taking bits of gold leaf and holding it onto the adhesive. Make sure you go under the rounded parts. Brush off any excess with a different brush.
Step 5: When finished applying the gold leaf, apply the clear coat on top. 
Step 6: Wait a couple of hours for it to fully dry before using.
This was my first time gold leafing and I found it to be a very fun process. I might have gold leaf fever so don’t be surprised if my walls turn gold leaf. 
Check out the new 2014 Language of Flowers calendar in my Etsy shop and don’t forget to enter the giveaway to win all of the products I show this week. 
photography by Cassidy Tuttle