I have a friend who says that she hates Halloween. I get it. We’ve turned a day into remembering the dead into a spooky, fright-inducing terror and the idea of dressing up in costume has become an excuse for girls to show off their goods.

HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean that Halloween cannot be done right. Steer it towards a celebration of the season, and it’s got my stamp of approval. With decor details of the fall harvest, you immediately impose good taste and warmth. Here’s how to do it:

  1. A simple line of sugar pumpkins or small pumpkins along your mantle. So classic. Pumpkin mantle
  2. One of my favorite places in the world, especially during Halloween, is Georgetown in Washington, DC. If you want to see it done tastefully, go there. Georgetown residents grace their stairs with hordes of lovely pumpkins and stalks of corn and mums in urns. From here
  3. Cut out a hole in a pumpkin and turn it into a diorama with a forest scene. So clever. Diorama pumpkin
  4. Tons of mini pumpkins in a cloche. I’m doing this. Pumpkins in a cloche
  5. Another stairway with tons of pumpkins. You just can’t go wrong. Pure class. Pumpkin entrance
  6. I love these frosty the snowman pumpkins. Carrots and pumpkins. Snowman pumpkins
  7. GINORMOUS pumpkins en masse outside. Paul and I bought seeds to plant a 500 pound pumpkin in our yard this spring, but didn’t think we could do that to our landlords. That doesn’t mean I’m not still aching to do this. Giant pumpkins
What’s your trick for a tasteful Halloween? See more ideas on my Pinterest board. I also wrote about some more ideas for the Caesarstone blog.