This week

This week was awesome and nuts and insane and bizarre. There was lots of good sprinkled with some truly weird moments that made me rethink if people have read the “how to be a good human handbook” recently. Oh man…if only that book existed. What would you contribute to it? I would contribute “keep your hands to yourself.”

Long story short: there’s a rapist/groper going around my town and we’re pretty sure he was at our bedroom window the other night before Paul scared him off. I don’t mean to make a dramatic scene over here but I’ve since learned that people don’t lock their doors or windows much, especially around here because they feel a sense of “safety”. Guys, for EVERYONE’s sake, just be careful. The more people are less careful, the more these crazy people become empowered and attempt to open doors and windows and do unthinkable things. Just be smart! How’s that for a PSA?

In other news this week: I’m doing a giveaway with Saguaro where you have to tag a picture of a color that inspires you and mine tends to be florals like these (top left). I styled a book for Anne of Flax & Twine in Park City this week (part of the good part of the week, top right and bottom left). I’m working on a floral project for Laura Ashley (bottom right).

This week on Lars: 
I’m giving away a 2 night stay and facial at the awesome Saguaro Hotel (have you entered?!)
Flock someone with pink flamingos
Make a fake birthday cake and send it in a birthday kit
Make some DIYs for your house with these simple projects made from plywood
This Girl is all florals

Lars elsewhere:
Add some graphic artwork into your home on the Interior Collective
9 ways to glam up your bathroom
Accessorize your napkins on Brooklyn Bride

3 Pinterest boards I’m loving:
Anna from In Honor of Design’s Spotted and Dotted board
The Lowest Light’s Dream Home board is light and airy and gorgeous
La Cocotte d’idee’s art and movement board is rad

all photos from my Instagram



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