Tortured Artist Halloween costumes

I’ve really had fun with these costumes. Artists plus Halloween?! That’s right up my alley. Just LOOK at those 2 Frida Kahlo costumes!

Whether you’re looking to go all-out on a Halloween costume or are trying to piece something together last minute, we’ve got your back!

Scroll down to view all of our tortured artist costumes!

We’ve had a ball recreating some of our favorite artistic historical characters for you during this season of All Hallow’s Eve. These tortured artist Halloween costumes have something for everyone. I thought I’d gather all of the costumes together and show you what you guys are liking–the first being the most viewed. Enjoy!

Tortured Artist Costume Ideas

  1. These 2 Frida Kahlos are a favorite on the Lars blog, and they’re great costumes for a Halloween duo!
  2. This Marie Antoinette costume will have you looking exquisitely sophisticated (AND the wig is made from paper!). Let them eat cake!
3. Girl with a Pearl Earring is a classic (and probably one of my favorite tortured artist costumes)!
4. Another classic, Mona Lisa. This one is super easy, and it’s great for those of you looking for last-minute costume ideas!

5. Awaken the still life with this Vanitas costume tutorial. Beautiful and spooky!
6. Go monochromatic with Picasso’s Old Guitarist costume. All it takes is some paint, hair chalk, and a guitar!

7. Even if you don’t have the features of Van Gogh, you can still pull off this look with a straw hat, a pipe, and some sunflowers!
8. If you’re looking to forego the scary Halloween costume, opt for artistic beauty with this Birth of Venus costume.

9. This Georgia O’Keeffe costume has everything we love at Lars: it’s a simple and easy tutorial, has lots of room for incorporating color, and has a giant paper flower!

Which one was your favorite? Thanks for playing along with us!

More Halloween Inspiration

These costumes make me want to have themed parties year-round. Thank goodness Halloween gives us the excuse to dress up every year! We put these costumes to the test at our very own tortured artist Halloween party. You can check out the details here, as well as some ideas for your very own Halloween party!

Check out some last-minute costume ideas with these tongue twister Halloween costumes! There are some goodies. For more inspiration on Halloween costumes and decor, check out our Halloween shop here and our costume parties Pinterest board here.

Photography by Alpha Smoot
Hair by Aubrey Nelson
Make up by Rubie Huber
Props from Mary Lee
Art directed by Brittany Jepsen



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