Featured in Inside Out magazine

My copy of Inside Out magazine was waiting for me when I got home from NYC–a little worn from the trek from Australia, but at least it’s in one piece (looks like it might have taken a little dip in the Pacific).

If we’ve talked in person you’d know that I have a keen obsession with Australia. Like, what in the world is going on down there?! Design wise, they’re uninhibited, playful, daring, colorful, quirky, fun, whimsical. Whatever it is that’s going on, I want a piece of it. And I suppose that being featured in one of my favorite shelter magazines, Inside Out, is as close as I can get to that right now…until someone flies me over to check it all out in person (HINT, HINT! I’d gladly accept travel in the form of payment! 🙂 And then of course I’m totally fascinated with Sia’s Chandelier music video and she’s Australian so clearly I love everyone down under.

Thank you Inside Out for featuring me in your fabulous magazine! The love is mutual!



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