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letterpress business cards

Squeals! So, along with the new site, a girl needs a business card, amiright?! When I attended the American Made Conference in NYC in November I figured it was about time to get a forreals business card. Up until now, like my site, my business cards have been temporary. First there was this post card, then these carnival ticket stubs, then last year I did the origami business card holder. They’ve been short term because I never wanted to invest until I knew I had the branding down.

It’s been 7 years.

Since I got the branding squared away FINALLY I wanted a grown-up card so I worked with Rowley Press on creating the perfect card and I love how they turned out! I usually like the idea of doing something totally out of the box and unexpected, but sometimes I like how just great design elements speak for themselves too. the house that lars built business cards


Beautiful letterpress business cards for The House That Lars BuiltRowley Press also did our wedding invitations and the maps I designed for the royal wedding so I knew they’d be good and they are so wonderful to work with. Once again, it was a two part process, they first gicleed the image front and back and then letterpressed the logo onto the front. Even through all the trends, I love the look and agelessness of letterpress along with the dash of color.

Let’s meet so I can give you one, shall we?

What’s your favorite type of business card? Anything in particular you require? 



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