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Paul bought me this book, Flora Illustrata, for my birthday (along with another rad thing he made…but it deserves a post of its own…stay tuned). Readers, I have to gush here as I’m super impressed, mostly because he doesn’t always nail it. Gift giving is totally my love language. I love giving and I love receiving thoughtful gifts, (though I admit in my adult years I’ve become less of a gifter…there would be so many people to gift things to, you know?) Perhaps I have high expectations for what I’m given especially from my closest loved ones. Like, “if you really know me, you’ll know what I really want and need.” Like, they need to go in the inner recesses of my brain to figure out what I want. OR, as I rationalize, all they have to do is go to my 71 Pinterest boards and buy me something from my 24,000 pins. I’M SO EASY TO SHOP FOR!

Perhaps I note this great gift because I was once given Crocs from a guy I dated. They were two sizes too big and they were accompanied with a lady bug button, one that goes into one of the holes of the Crocs, which you probably didn’t know what was a thing…but it is…it really is…I doubt he reads this blog, but if he does, hi! I appreciated the thought, but it was clear we weren’t meant to be 🙂

Do you have your own Crocs story? I bet you do. I want to hear all about it.

So, this book is the bomb. All you flower lovers, illustrators, florists, it’s a great reference book from the NY Botanical Garden and filled with great text. Super handy. Buy it here.

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Happy weekend! 

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