Summer sandals

I was under prepared when I escaped to NYC last week. I hadn’t bought summer sandals yet this year and somehow only came on the plane with one and a half pairs of shoes. Typical. And one of those was my sandals from two years ago which promptly bit the dust. Because I’m now in the market for a new pair, I thought you might be too and compiled a list of my favorite summer sandal trends. Enjoy!

Platforms. I’ve been hesitant on the platforms because I’m now old enough to remember the platforms from the 90s and it kind of gives me the heebie jeebies. But, there have been some rad ones that have been shaking me out of it. And have you noticed how Tevas are in?! I saw someone wearing a pair at the Rose Bowl this past weekend and they looked so comfortable.

1.  Teva platforms  |  2.  Black strap platform sandals  |  3.  Dr. Scholl’s platform sandals  

Colors. They can never go wrong in my book. The only thing is, I love finding a pair that work for almost every ensemble.

4.  Red platform sandals  |  5.  Mint sandals  |  6.  Orange sandals

Simple. I tend to be more of a simple sandal kind of girl and there are still some cute options.

7.  Two toned sandals  |  8.  Black espadrille sandals  |  9. Brown leather sandals

Prints. Animals, ethnic, graphics! So many cute options.

10.  Wild 80s sandals  |  11. Animal print sandals  |  12. Ethnic sandals

Tassel. I love a shoe with tassels and these sandals are adorable. I might go for the ones in the middle as I think they’d work with anything.

13. Gold tassel platform sandals  |  14. Nude tassel sandals  |  15. Black platform sandals  

White. Ok, Birkenstocks are totally back. I’ve never been a fan because my feet are so slight they don’t really fit well, but when I was in NYC and my shoes fell apart, I decided to try them on and they were immediately heaven. They aren’t kidding when they say they’re comfortable. I prefer them in bright white and love the other white options.

16. White teva sandals  |  17. White Arizona Birksenstocks  |  18. White slider Birkenstocks (Only $29!)

Espadrilles. I have always loved espadrilles and now you can find them in all the trends: colors, platforms, you name it!

19.  Pink espadrilles  |  20. Black strappy espadrilles  |  21. Metallic espadrilles 






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