Paper flower garland

Paper flower garlandFlowers can/should never go out of season, right?! Well, that’s my personal motto anyways. I came up with this flower garland tutorial and loved how it turned out. And you may not guess it, but the technique is pretty much a riff off of a paper fan, so it’s easy! It’d be perfect for a birthday or garden party. I love having a supply of garlands on hand just in case I need to throw a party or shower someone with love for a day. It seems to happen more often than I expect.
Paper flower garlandPaper flower garland


  • paper (office paper works best for the flower part but thicker works fine too)
  • cardstock
  • hole punch
  • green paper for leaves (scrapbook or cardstock)
  • green paint
  • thin paintbrush
  • circle cutter or craft cutter machine (I used a Cricut)
  • glue gun
  • stapler
  • leaf template

To make the flower

  1. Do a 3/4″ accordion fold with an 8.5×11″ piece of paper. Cut off any excess paper.
  2. Fold the folded paper in half (use this fan tutorial to see how it’s done)
  3. Staple the mid point of the folded paper.
  4. Cut the edges of the paper so that it forms a fun design like a petal.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 to create another one for a fuller look.
  6. Glue one edge of the paper to the other side or another flower and turn it into a circle
  7. Cut 1 1/2″ circles for the center of the flowers. You’ll need three per flower.
  8. Paint a fun design onto the circles if desired for the center of the flower.
  9. Glue the circles on with your glue gun, one on front and one on back. Leave one circle.
  10. With one of the circles, cut two holes.
  11. Make the leaves with the template (download here).
  12. Paint a fun design on them as shown.
  13. Cut two holes into the center of the paper.
  14. Slide your string through these holes and trade off with the circle with two holes.
  15. Once you’ve rotated between a leaf and a circle, glue the circle now on the string to the back of the flower onto the circle you’ve already glued.

paper flower tutorial


Donzo! This is one of my all time favorite paper garlands! I have it as decoration in my new studio. Enjoy! Let me know if you have any questions!Paper flower garland Paper flower garland



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