This week


Fall has officially arrived. I know this because everyone is gearing up for some football game that is supposed to be happening this weekend. For many, football is a blissful time. For us, it’s pure terror.

You see, we live by the BYU football stadium and turns out, stadiums create a mob mentality where people think they can rule your house, electrical outlets, lawn, and parking spots. We’ve become real old farts about it. My preference is to fly to Provence for each home game, but alas, I’m stuck with scowling from the window.

With that in mind…happy weekend! May you be blessed with no football in your life. Unless that’s the thing, in which case, you’re in luck.

Fun links for your weekend! 

Love this interlocking garland idea! 

Yummy donuts! 

Fun 2016 calendars (already?!?!)

Love this pretty floral dressd

In interview with designer Thom Browne


I gave a little sneak peek to an upcoming project. Shh! 

Rad back to school giveaway

Cribs for a sophisticated bedroom

Color schemes inspired by animals

Have a lovely weekend! 



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