11 ideas for a Halloween dinner party

Cool Halloween Dinner Party

Last year we put on one epic Halloween dinner party, if I do say so myself, as part of a collaboration with photographer Alpha Smoot, floral designer Sarah Winward, illustrator Danielle Kroll, caterers Ramblin Rose Cafe, hair stylist Aubrey Nelson, make up artist Rubie Hubler, and prop stylist Mary Lee. I learned that every Halloween dinner party needs 11 things. And here they are in no particular order!

Awesome Halloween Dinner Invite

1. Every Halloween dinner party needs an invitation, of course. Danielle Kroll designed and illustrated this gorgeous black and white skull invitation. You can download it and print it off yourself here. See the original post here.

Awesome Halloween Skull Cake

2. A party is not complete without a cake! And Halloween is no exception. ME Hammond created this vanilla bean skull cake, which I have dreamt about to this day. Get the recipe here and buy the skull form here.

Cool Illustrated Halloween Menu Card

3. Sit your guests down to a beautiful table setting along with a gorgeously illustrated menu card care of Danielle Kroll. Print it off here and see the original post here.

Skull Halloween Name Tags

4. Skull name tags are a ghoulish way to sit your guests and establish the mood. Print off the name tags here. And see the original post here.

Table Runner Ghost that Screams

5. In addition to gorgeously macabre flowers, we made some subtle ghosts that scream out of the table runner. Learn how to make them here.

Autumnal Roasted Root vegetables with Orange Vinaigrette


6. For the menu, we turned to our friends Ramblin Rose Cafe who can serve up a mean harvesty spread. They created these autumnal Roasted Root vegetables with orange vinaigrette.

autumnal cheese board

7. A harvesty cheese board from the gals of Ramblin Rose Cafe hits the spot and is a great way to bring in all the flavors of the season.

Autumnal Roasted garlic and Cauliflower Soup

8. Top off the menu with this delicious roasted garlic and cauliflower soup.

Halloween Flower Center Pieces

9. The flower centerpieces must be equally macabre. Sarah Winward filled skeleton heads with gorgeous combinations of flowers.

Halloween Party Room Decor

10. And spread some decor around the room with ideas like fruit and vegetables atop skeleton heads. Candles is plus, of course! The more the better!

Halloween Dinner Part Free Printable Artwork

11. Hang creepy artwork throughout your space with free printable artwork like these. Free downloads hereCool Halloween Dinner Party

Now, once your guests have arrived, just sit back and let the ghoulish times take over!

And check out the behind the scenes from the event from Trisha Zemp

(See our Tortured artist costumes here!)




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