Holiday cards 2015 with Modify Ink

Holiday cards 2015 with Modify Ink

I’ m super duper pumped to introduce you to our new line of holiday cards with Modify Ink. It’s a secret I’ve been sitting on for some time anxiously waiting for the holidays so I could scream it from the rooftops: 2 custom photo cards are here! The line is called Jolly Holiday because I believe these are some pretty happy cards that you’re going to want to deliver to all your friends and family.

And here’s the thing about Modify Ink. You have the ability to create your own custom color palettes. I created my own palettes here with their web-based software, but YOU can change it to whatever you want! Want some pretty blues and purples instead?! Change it! Want green, red, orange? Change it! I made a few palettes on the site that you can use too if you’d prefer to go with that too. And then you simply change the text and photos and you’re good to go!

Holiday cards 2015 with Modify InkHoliday cards 2015 with Modify Ink

For the line I was inspired by Scandinavian folk design and my time spent in Denmark, where I learned that Scandinavians LOVE Christmas. It’s the best time of the year. People gather to make cookies and sit by the fire. Christmas luncheons last all day to a set of traditional foods. Christmas elves and hearts decorate grocery stores and homes. It’s all so hyggelig (the best, most ubiquitous Danish word roughly meaning cozy and convivial).


Modify Ink allows YOU to customize the colors to whatever you’d like them to be. I spent some time creating a ton of color palettes for you to choose from but you can also create your own! It’s so therapeutic! I personally love the blue below.

Check out the rest of the line below and head over to Modify Ink to see the line as well as the rest of their holiday cards! 

The-House-That-Lars-Built-100 The-House-That-Lars-Built-108The-House-That-Lars-Built-029 The-House-That-Lars-Built-114 The-House-That-Lars-Built-131The-House-That-Lars-Built-092 The-House-That-Lars-Built-077The-House-That-Lars-Built-136 The-House-That-Lars-Built-012 The-House-That-Lars-Built-069

Check out the rest of the line below and head over to Modify Ink to see the line as well as the rest of their holiday cards! 

Photography by Laura Sumrak



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