Last minute couples costumes: Peter Pan


I love dressing up so so much, but I find that I rarely get down to business when it comes to executing them. Maybe it’s because they’re too time consuming? Or I never know if we’re going to make it to a costume party? I don’t know! But this Peter Pan and Shadow costumes are perfect if you’re like us and need a last minute costume idea. And it’s perfect with the release of the new movie!


See below for the tutorials and templates!

Photos by Trisha Zemp  |  Crafting by Ashley Isenhour

We used this face paint on the face and hands and neck and dressed in all black


2 Krispy Kreme paper hats, black cardstock, red cardstock, scissors, pencil, hot glue gun, black marker, green spray paint, black spray paint, newspaper, feather template
Step 1: Go to Krispy Kreme and ask for two paper hats. You might want to buy a donut too 🙂 The hats expand to fit your head, so put on each hat to size it correctly.
Step 2: Lay each hat flat on newspaper. Spray paint one green and one black. You’ll want to give each side three or so coats to get even coverage. Make sure you let the paint dry for a few minutes in between coats. Open each hat as if you were going to put it on your head and give the top of the hat a coat of paint as well.
Step 3: Trace the feather template onto a sheet of red card stock and a sheet of black card stock. Use a black marker to draw line work onto the red feather. Cut out feathers and use scissors to fringe the edges of the feathers. Give the fringe some dimension by ruffling it a bit with your fingers. Glue red feather onto inside rim of green hat and glue black feather to inside of black hat.
cardboard, x-acto knife, pencil, black spray paint, silver marker or paint, newspaper, dagger template
Step 1: Trace dagger template onto cardboard twice and cut out each one.
Step 2: Lay one of the daggers on newspaper and spray paint black. Each side may need a couple of coats.
Step 3: Use a silver marker or paint to color (or paint) the blade of the other dagger. Leave the handle the natural cardboard color.
Pan Flutes
paper grocery sack, scissors, ruler, hot glue gun, black spray paint, newspaper
Step 1: Cut the brown paper grocery sack into five rectangles in the following sizes:
– 4 inches by 6 inches
– 4 inches by 5.5 inches
– 4 inches by 5 inches
– 4 inches by 4.5 inches
– 4 inches by 4 inches
Step 2: Roll each rectangle lengthwise into a tube. Before you finish rolling, squirt a line of hot glue along the edge of the paper (see photo). Finish rolling and hold edge in place until glue dries.
Step 3: Place the tubes next to each other from longest to shortest with the ends lined up on one side and the other ends stair stepped (see photo). Glue tubes together like this.
Step 4: Cut a strip of the paper bag measuring about .5 inches wide by 12 inches long. Wrap around the tubes toward the even ends of the tubes. Glue into place. Once pan flute is complete.
Step 5: Repeat process for second pan flute. Spray paint this pan flute black.

LARS-panflute-instructionspeter_pan04 peter_pan06 peter_pan08 peter_pan09 peter_pan11 peter_pan13 peter_pan15 peter_pan16 peter_pan18 peter_pan20


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