This week

Dahlias at the farmer's market

We made it guys! The weekend! And somehow it turned into October? How/when did that happen?

I’m going to try and keep you more updated about what’s going on behind the scenes. Sometimes I show a lot of projects and don’t make this space as personal as I think I do. I do tend to be more personal on Snapchat and Instagram, but even then, I don’t allude too much about specifics.

As we moved into the studio a few weeks ago, I’m trying to figure out my new life structure. You know, just the usual weekly life restructure.  In the summer, I was walking early every morning, reading, working and now everything feels a bit more overwhelming. Maybe it’s because Busy Season has officially begun (though the whole year feels quite busy) and we have a ton to do. I think my body is trying to tell me to take better care of myself. I’m not fitting into my clothes and often leave my zippers and buttons undone (HA! Don’t pull any zipper tricks on me, folks!), but I don’t make time for cooking and feel a bit out of control in that area. Really, I’m just trying to figure out how to get enough sleep and not be sedentary. And do a good job at my job. And get new sofas. But I still haven’t figure out the magical solution. Any tips?

I’m excited for the respite of weekend. And here are some links to peruse!

I’m for sure entering this! 

Last day to enter this rad giveaway for photographers! 

I need to add this to my closet

So stoked to see my friends in the finals for Martha’s American Made contest! Vote for QP!

Ooo, if you’re in LA
love this kid’s costume idea

We get each other 

Blake Lively’s lifestyle site is closing. Did you read it?

Eva has a great Q&A series on her blog about shopowners

Sometimes you just need one of these, huh?

For my Korean readers, 29 Centimeter has a special price on my dinnerware collection! And they made this cute video

I’m reading this right now. She makes me think I can be funnier than I actually am.

All of these videos

[photo from my Instagram]




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