Pray for Paris


My life motto this year turned into “life is weird”—by “weird” I mean, unexplainable and heartbreaking—and in yet another manifestation, with the terrorist attacks in Paris, this has proven true.  My heart is heavy knowing that many people’s lives, and the world as a whole, have been terribly affected by the ill choices of others. It’s unfathomable. Yet, it’s tremendous to see that so many people in this small world of ours have a sentimental memory or connection to Paris, or just a plain love of other people, that somehow allows us to buoy up the city, people, and families. Yes, I join many others in praying for Paris. I pray for healing for those affected. I pray for peace.

Yet, there are so many instances of crises throughout the world right now and all of these need our prayers and action. We live in a time where our ability to communicate can span the world over and yet sometimes we don’t use our reach in the best, most effective way. I pray that we use our platforms, in whatever capacity we have, to promote goodness, kindness, diplomacy, healing, and peace and that our actions mimic our words. I wish I knew the best way to help in my place in Provo, UT, but I find that the best way to promote these qualities is to practice them myself in my own home. In this way I’ll start small and be active in finding ways to affect the world around me.

I invite you to join me and continue to #PrayForParis

Photo by Trisha Zemp for The House That Lars Built 



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