These Girls

These girlsPatricia Morozo house from Yellow TraceKILIM-RUGSAdelaide, Pearl, Eloise, and Lottie shape their free time around drinking spritzers and secretly watching MTV music videos. At low-key gatherings, you’ll find them standing away from everyone else; they’re known to talk behind your back, but you almost want them to. Like your Grandmother’s fruit cake, these girls are a quiet mystery. For a moment, you might feel intimidated. While holding themselves with a highbrow elegance, they might even accept you as an acquaintance.

Currently, these girls are relaxing at home wearing high socks to cover their non-painted toes. They’re discussing the critical make-up of American history in terms of James Dean’s demeanor and JFK’s class.

This peculiar group of girls will never tell you how they came together. Their enigmatic nature is timeless, just like their innate sense of style.

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