9 favorite floral wallpapers

De Gournay wallpaper Domino bedroom

This bedroom has long been my favorite bedroom inspiration of all time. I remember when I first saw it in the pages of Domino Magazine. It was love at first sight. The colors! The florals! The chevron! (At the time, chevron was new and exciting! But it still works in this space super well). It’s been on every inspiration board I’ve ever created and it remains on my “Dream bedroom” board even now. I have a secret Pinterest board for my Dream House, which I like to go through every so often to remind myself that even though I don’t love the design of my¬†current house, I really do have great taste ūüėČ

From this secret board I’ve been saving a collection¬†my favorite rooms with floral and chinoiserie wallpapers for years. Here they are in no particular order.w1000_h1000Domino-chinoiserie

Through collecting lists of my favorite wallpapers over the years, I’ve come to identify De Gournay as a huge inspiration. They are the makers of beautiful hand-painted wallpapers. I don’t dare look at the price tag, so I continue to naively assume it will be in my budget one day.

Floral chinoiserie wallpaper from De Gournay. Check out their collection here. You will have to go through a designer to purchase this.

Top photo from here  |  Bottom photo from here

Josef Frank wallpaper

Josef Frank, of course, is another favorite of mine. I’ve written about my love of Josef Frank many times, but it just never gets old! Thought it was designed in the 30s and 40s it’s still fresh and current. A classic choice!

You can buy it from Svenkst Tenn or Just Scandinavian in the US 


I’m really digging the combination of flora and fauna in this room and the colors are a big deeper so it feels more grounded.

“New world” wallpaper by Francesco Simeti by Maharam

Photo from here

tumblr_lvy4d4c6i11qjxia2o1_1280DeGournay wallpaper pink

The De Gournay comes in pink! And it’s gorgeous!

Photos from House Beautiful


Cole and Son’s hummingbird paper is an absolute favorite of mine. I still have a sample hanging in my bathroom. Ha! Anthropologie was selling it for awhile and now I believe you can order it directly from them.

Hummingbirds wallpaper by Cole and Sons. You will have to go through a designer if you order this way. OR, I found some on Etsy too.

Top photo from here ¬†| ¬†Bottom photo is model Stella Tennant’s Georgian manor house


Ok, this one is just pure beauty. I haven’t been able to find a source on where to buy it because I think it’s an oldie. It sits in Sweden’s Haringe Castle.

Photo from here 


This is a new¬†favorite and the designer paired it so well with a coordinating bed frame and fun mismatched blankets and pillows. I love that it’s used for a kid’s room.

I’m still looking for a source for this wallpaper. Anyone know it?

Interior by Gieves Anderson via Lonny. 


I’m really digging the floral mural types and here’s another example of it. I love that it feels very customized to the space.

Image from Architectural Digest via Online Fabric Store 

And lastly, yet another mural type floral wallpaper. The aviary effect is perfect for a refuge.

Photo from Miranda Brook’s Brooklyn home.¬†

best floral wallpapers

Which one is your favorite? Would you ever do a floral wallpaper? 

Check out our complete list of where to buy wallpapers here! 


  1. The wallpaper you commented on in the child’s room with the blue bed frame is called Apothecary’s Garden and can be purchased at C.F.A Voysey Wallpapers; charlesvoysey.com


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