Studio library makeover

I was so happy to have a couple of friends come over and help me whittle down the task of painting my entire office. My friend Kristen came over one night and Brittany came over one afternoon too. Lucky me! It was fun to visit a little and catch up on each other’s lives while painting. I even had a very useless assistant named Hazel (the dog) sit right next to me, and stand right where I was walking, tripping me every time. For the past several weeks while I worked on this project my office looked like a total disaster and that a tornado had gone through it. I think my family were family was beginning to think it may stay that way permanently!brittanyhazel-the-assistant

Step Four: Attach the knobs. Paint the knobs before screwing them into the drawers. I carried the color from the shelving and walls to the knobs as well. To make sure the knobs look perfectly smooth, head to your local paint store and have them create an aerosol spray with roughly 6oz of paint.

I am so happy to be finished painting and not living in a “work zone” anymore and I am so so so happy with how my office turned out. It’s the perfect color that I envisioned for my office, in fact, it’s better than I envisioned it. Isn’t that the best?!? When something turns out better than you pictured it? It feels like an older, historic, more established office and feels even more intimate and cozy now. The light is also so beautiful. While I was photographing my office for this post my daughter Maja came in and sat down and started drawing. The light was so beautiful on her; the color on the wall absorbed the light around her and kissed her face so beautifully that I had to take some photos of her. I can’t wait to take more photos of my children in my office. I really feel like my “new” office captures the spirit of my grandfather’s library and I look forward to the memories I will create enjoying this beautiful space.officeblue25officeblue24officeblue23officeblue19officeblue22officeblue14officeblue11officeblue4officeblue3officebluemajaofficeblue8

Thanks, Meta! What a gorgeous makeover! And thanks Dutch Boy Paint for making it happen! I LOVE the color!

Check out more projects from Meta Coleman on The House That Lars Built here.

This post was created in collaboration with Dutch Boy Paint, a company that believes in quality paint for quality projects. Thanks for supporting the brands that keep Lars flourishing! 



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