Rainbow Man in Santa Fe

Thank you to everyone who voted for my birthday trip destination. I listened! And you had so many good tips. Thank you! If you follow along on Instagram or Snapchat you are well aware of where I ended up…Santa Fe!

Santa Fe hadn’t really been on my radar until the last year or so when I heard amazing things from my friend, Meta,  who regularly visits because her husband is an artist whose work is shown there. And she wasn’t kidding. Santa Fe is it’s own world of magic. SO many art galleries, SO many artists who have created their own worlds. Georgia O’Keefe, Alexander Girard, Tinkertown, MEOW WOLF! Gah! You guys! If you have any ounce of artistic loving, you’re in for a treat. We didn’t have the best food experience but some of the recommended places were closed for the week. Here’s a tip: if you like chilis, you’re in for a treat. If you don’t (like me or my sister), you’re outta luck.

I took my sister on the trip because we share the same birthday trip and she’s always loved the idea of going to Santa Fe. Perhaps because of Newsies? We are that generation. And yes, we sang the song the whole entire time. We attempted to watch it, but as our birthdays indicated, we are another year older, and fell asleep promptly.

I’ll be sharing more tips on Santa Fe soon! But in the mean time, here are some fun links for the weekend:

Anna Wintour and Amy Schumer switch jobs for a day 
If you’re in SLC, there are some rad summer workshops going on at Ink Run Press (like next week’s marbling class!)
Love this fruit salad mobile DIY
Only a couple of more days to shop from my Brickyard Buffalo sale
Congrats to Merrilee on her new doll shop. They are exquisite! You gotta get one!
LOVE this new monthly curated collection of art prints at Sycamore Street Press with guest editor Meta Coleman!
Dreams coming true!
A few of you have asked about this dress I was wearing in the poppy video. This is it!
A dreamy swimsuit! 

Happy weekend!