9 Most inspiring creatives to follow on Instagram

9 most inspiring creatives to follow on instagram

You know those people who produce work that make your jaw drop? Each and every time? And it’s not just their work, but it’s their entire life, what they wear, what they say, and where they go? These people change the way you think for the better. They push limits and live in their own creative world. This week I’m doing a round up of the 9 Most Inspiring Creatives on Instagram. There are others but I wanted to limit this list to 9 and I’ll add to it. Surely there are more that I need to know about. Who are some of your most inspiring creatives?

See the full list below.

Top row from left:

Linda Rodin

  1. Linda Rodin at @lindaandwinks. Linda is a former fashion editor at Harper’s Bazaar and stylist who now runs the beauty company, Olio Lusso. The peeks into her home and life in NYC are beautifully put together. I’m extremely inspired by this shot on her blue sofa where she conducts interviews and such.

Beci Orpin

2. Beci Orpin @BeciOrpin holds many titles: illustrator, stylist, crafter, art director. She founded and served as creative director of Arro Home, an inspiring home shop in Australia, until earlier this year. I have two of her books and they are endlessly inspiring from the formatting to the little quirky home finds. I love her color palettes and textures. Maria

3. @dukhovnoe_litso was recommended to me a few months ago and it blew my mind. Maria’s mini films and gifs are so clever and gorgeous. She makes me wonder what the heck is going on in Russia and why I don’t know more about it. There’s a Russian creative movement going on that I’d love to know more about!

Shirley Kurata4. Shirley Kurata @shirleykurata Back when this blog was more like Pinterest, I talked about my admiration for wardrobe stylist, Shirley Kurata who blows my mind with each project. She uses such gorgeous colors and interesting pieces. The shoot at Salvation Mountain is one of my all time favorites and not just because of where it was shot. If I was famous, I’d be begging for her to style me.Solange

5. Solange Knowles @saintrecords. We all know her as Beyonce’s sister, but Solange is hands down one of the most interest celebrities out there. She approaches fashion from the view point of an artist. Andy Spade

6. Andy Spade @andyspade. Andy’s photos always make me think. You have to dig a bit deeper to see what he’s thinking and I love that it challenges me. A master of composition and color. His work for the early Kate Spade campaigns is some of my all time favorite.Thuss and Farrell

7. Rebecca Thuss @thussfarrell. Rebecca, one half of Thuss and Farrell, wrote the bible, Paper to Petal. Her paper work, and more precisely, her paper flower work, is imaginative, whimsical, and takes paper art and crafting to new levels. Nathalie L'ete

8. Nathalie L’ete @nathalie_lete. Nathalie is in my top top bracket of creatives. I first discovered her work when she created products for Anthropologie. I am collecting her plates. She’s wonderfully quirky, slightly weird, colorful, imaginative. She lives in her own world and I love her Instagram peeks. Jimmy Marble

9. @Jimmymarble. Oftentimes, color can look infantile and child-like, but photographer Jimmy Marble, elevates it with interesting subjects and poses. Such beautiful color inspiration.

Who are some of the people who inspire you the most?! I’d love to hear! 

Happy weekend! 



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