David Bowie baby costumeGene Wilder baby costume Willy WonkaPrince baby costumeDAVID BOWIE COSTUME

  • blue onesie (from here)
  • gold fabric
  • orange and yellow acrylic paint or textile paint
  • scissors
  • orange and blue facepaint
  • red wig
  1. Cut the blue onesie off at the shoulder and on one leg
  2. Paint flames on the onesie with your orange and yellow paint

To make the fringe:

  1. Cut a piece of gold fabric (preferably pleather) about 10″ long and fringe.
  2. Sew to the suit (or duct tape!)


  • white dress shirt
  • black dress pants
  • purple fabric
  • cardboard
  • purple suspenders (we got ours from here)
  • 2 wood dowels 1/2″ thick
  • black and gold paint
  • red, yellow, green, turquoise paint, brown paint
  • wig

To make the purple shawl:

  1. We didn’t do anything but get piece of purple fabric! Finish the edges if you’d like.


  • white fabric
  • velcro
  • purple pants (we got ours from here)
  • silver fabric
  • cardboard
  • wig

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