3 ways to organize your craft room

3 ways to organize your craft space with professional organizer Kelsey Tuia
Organizing is NOT my forte, though I see the immense value in it and KNOW that it would help me feel more efficient and have more peace of mind. We all know it, right? I know the general basics of organizing, like how everything needs a space, but sometimes I just don’t know how to create that space for every object and admittedly, sometimes buying plastic bins can cost a lot so in my mind I’m holding out until I’m filthy rich. Ha!

Enter professional organizer, Kelsey Tuia, of Your Life Revamped. I first met Kelsey at a blogging conference. Her infectiously optimistic personality rubbed off and I knew I had to get her in to organize the Lars craft studio. STAT!

In this week’s YouTube video, Kelsey is teaching us three basics for organizing any room, and in particular your craft room. She took our disaster and turned it into pure crafting gold.

Learn more tricks and tips and more about the services Kelsey offers on her blog, Your Life Revamped.

Photography by Anna Killian  |  Organizing by Kelsey Tuia of Your Life Revamped



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